Howdy Freelancers! Today there’s been a really awesome post on the Anthem Subreddit that raised an extremely valid point. I want to say thank you to OtterKhaos1750 for sharing the thoughts of his 9 year-old son. Let’s have a look at this point then.

OtterKhaos1750 posted on Reddit that his 9 year-old son raised a good point while watching him play Anthem. He said that it had been a while since he picked up a Legendary, and it had gotten to the point where his son would cross his fingers and hold his breath in hope at every chest he opened.

When this last chest didn’t pan out his son said that they should change the way the game works. Now this isn’t a rant from a young gamer about how the loot drop rates should change, it’s actually quite a refreshing idea. The 9 year-old said that nothing should change, except that there should be a way that the game guarantees you get a Legendary drop at least once a week.

This is such a simple idea, and when you think about it there’s not much you can say about why it shouldn’t be a system in the game. Yes it might make it a bit easier to grind up through Legendaries, but for the Freelancers who will make the most of this, the casual ones who don’t play every day, it’s going to help a lot.

Before we bring the idea down by smashing holes in how it’ll harm mechanics, let’s look at another MMO for a second, Destiny 2. In the original Destiny it was balls to the wall hard to get decent gear, and if you wanted the best gear in the game you needed to go through the Raid each week, something you couldn’t really achieve as a casual player because it required a Clan.

In Destiny 2 we now have Daily and Weekly Challenges. These Challenges award Powerful Gear, which is different to all of the other loot drops you might get that rely on RNG. This Powerful Gear is guaranteed to drop at your current Power Level or slightly above, which gives you a way to grind up through the levels and eventually attain the max Power Level.

Anthem has challenges but they already award Coin, and if Bioware begin messing with these they’ll be breaking the in-game currency system that I actually think is pretty balanced. Instead I think it’s entirely doable for Bioware to implement new Challenges that refresh every week. These Challenges will award Legendary gear for that week, one piece, and that will help those who can’t grind for hours and hours to build up a decent collection.

Putting these Challenges behind a Pilot Level barrier, or having them drop gear at the rarity of your current Javelin, could be ways to make this system fairer and work for everyone. That’s just what I think, maybe you guys think something different. Given that Bioware are pretty responsive when it comes to the community, I could see them adding this in. Let me know what your thoughts on this are in the comments.

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    • I love that you clearly hate the game, yet saw my article, clicked through to it, meaning you’ve at least read the title, in order to post a comment that makes you look like an idiot. If I don’t like something I avoid it, why are you scouring the internet for Anthem articles if you hate the game so much?

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