Howdy Freelancers! In case you missed it, Bioware have responded to the community as a whole on their blog recently. The blog post, written by Casey Hudson, General Manager for Bioware, talks about how the game has changed from launch until now, and the plans for the future.

Hudson begins by talking about how mental it’s been watching Anthem go from this game that Bioware was building into a product that’s now in the hands of thousands of Freelancers around the world. He says that’s it’s been a crazy journey for Anthem just to get to this point, but that there’s so much more planned for the future.

Next Hudson makes it very clear that the live team at Bioware has been working hard on pushing out more than 200 patches and updates to the game. These are the updates we’ve seen that have both improved and harmed the game we all love to play, but at least they show that Bioware is trying to make good on the promises they made.

Hudson then moves on to thank all Freelancers sincerely for playing the game. He asks that we bear with him and the team while they wade through the muddy waters of working on building up a live game to meet current player expectations. This is super difficult, and there have been plenty of games that haven’t succeeded because developers haven’t put the effort in post-launch.

The next thing Hudson talks about is Anthem’s future. The game is just getting started, and now Bioware are busy lining up the world events, story, and missions that will lead up to the coming Cataclysm. A Cataclysm is a world-changing event that is going to very much mix up things in Anthem, and that’s a really good thing for those of us who have been playing daily since launch. We should learn more about this in tonight’s developer stream.

Hudson ends the blog post by saying that he understands that there will be sceptics out there. Bioware want to reassure us that they’re working as hard as they can to create the best player experience possible. The full article is really worth a read, even if you just need to see that someone at Bioware cares about making this community more united. I see positivity in the community everywhere alongside those players who have simply given up. There also appear to be those who hate Anthem for the sake of hating something, and that’s not okay.

I would encourage you guys to ignore this negativity, don’t let others who don’t even play the game ruin it for you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Players don’t hate the game to hate something, let’s make that VERY clear. I TRIED, really hard, to like this game because I spent $80 on it! I’m hating on this game because it is a straight up scam! Bioware and EA scammed it’s consumers by releasing this game in it’s current state. Yes other games of this type have rough launches too. That in no way excuses bioware. If anything it further highlights their poor development and decision to release this game. On top of being a nearly completely broken game, their anti-player design chooses, such as not being able equip new gear during gameplay, excessive loading screens because of their poor overly segmented design, loot drop rates, horrible in-game store, back filling missions (that are usually broken btw. Happened twice in row yesterday), luck mechanics that haven’t worked for other games, just to name few of the ridiculous design decisions they decided to implement. Almost as of they intentionally tried to stay away from established designs that work for other looter shooter games and make a piss poor experience for players. And frankly anyone who doesn’t understand players being pissed for paying $60, let alone $80, and then having to wait for the developers fix it before the game can be played how it was it intended, can go fly a kite. It’s not my fault bioware shouldn’t be making video games anymore and they released a garbage game and players shouldn’t be blamed because they’re pissed the game isn’t going to be working properly for probably a good 6 months to a year.

    • I never said players hate it for the sake of it. I have seen certain people who do hate it for no reason, and I’ve called them out on it. At the end of the day Anthem is what it is, if you’re not happy with it then you need to move on. Whinging about it won’t make it be the game you want it to be any sooner. Bioware is trying something new, and no one ever got anything right the first time, so I think the very least we can do is let them get to grips with what Anthem is. I get that people are annoyed they spent so much money on the game and feel like they’ve been cheated, but when the end product is going to be exactly what you want, what’s the point in tearing the team apart?

  2. I understand being tied of the negativity but bioware and EA bright it on themselves. And frankly I’m still playing the game because I couldn’t get a refund and I’m trying to at least get my money’s worth out of it. And I tried to like this game, I gave them my money after all, and I’m sure they’ll eventually fix it. But developers and publishers such as bioware, ea, Bethesda, and others need to understand that releasing alpha builds basically of games is unacceptable. The more people that echo your article, the more games we will get released in this state because other developers and publishers see that they can get away with it. It’s one thing to just not like a game, but it’s a completely different ball game when a good number of your player base feels. That’s on bioware and EA and it’s going to take a lot more than fixing what should have already been working to win back my trust personally.

  3. Additionally a free issues are expected. Never expected the game to be perfect. But fallout 76 and Anthem level issues aren’t simply unacceptable.

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