Howdy Freelancers! I, like may of you, watched the most recent developer livestream on Anthem and Legendary Missions. I thought it would be good to go through the personal highlights I had from the stream and discuss them a little, just in case you missed them. There doesn’t seem to be a supplement with the stream of what exactly is happening so I guess this can act as that. I wanted to point out that the guys running the stream were; AJ on sticks, and then Chris Schmidt and Jesse Anderson doing the talking stuff.

Elysian Stronghold Caches

Elysian Stronghold Caches are caches at the end of Strongholds that require a key to be opened. How do we get that key? From a Daily Challenge. The key takeaway I had here is that the Daily Challenge, and possibly all Challenge UI is changing to show everything in the main menu, very helpful. When checking Daily Challenges we’ll even be taken to the very Challenge that will award the Elysian Key, so anyone who only has time for one can mainline it and get the best rewards. The UI is also being updated to show how many Elysian Keys you have at any one time in the upper left hand corner of the screen, right next to Coin.

Elysian Caches will award loot to everyone in the room, so even if you don’t have a Key you can get something from the chest if anyone else does. If everyone has a Key, you get 4 rewards. Now that is the right way to do it in my opinion. I think the guy who had the idea for a guaranteed Legendary every week would agree to.

Boss Loot

Previously bosses had one or two guaranteed Masterwork items available to drop. The issue with this is that Freelancers couldn’t roll a new Legendary from bosses, which was a little frustrating. Now this has been changed so more rolls are made on the bosses, creating a greater chance of more items falling out of them, including Legendaries, but that Masterwork will always be there also.

As a side note to this, chests in Strongholds and around the world have been boosted, so don’t ignore them.

Less Loading

Bioware blew my mind a little with this one. Getting to the Forge, and the Expedition page, is all now possible from the menu. This might not sound impressive, because Expeditions were a button hold away anyway, but you’re wrong. The key difference is loading times, as in there are none, at least between Fort Tarsis and the Forge. There’s a little loading to get back from other places to Fort Tarsis, but it’s about one tenth of what it used to be.

As a side note here, Components are now visible on the main screen of your Javelin in the Forge, so you don’t need to bother going through the menus to find them.

Bioware wanted to make it clear that this is one step towards where they want Anthem to be. The steps they make take time to implement, but eventually there will be overall less loading, and more information freely available without clicks.

Legendary Missions

These are essentially any of the core story missions you played but could never go back to, but harder. These will roll randomly every day, and you can replay them as much as you want on that day. They will award decent loot for the level of difficulty, it looks like at least Grandmaster 1, and they’ve all got an Apex Creature as a boss now that will drop even more sweet loot than the chest at the end.

There’s no need to go and get each mission as you did originally in Fort Tarsis, they’re just on the map. The encounters in each mission have been amped up, which basically means more enemies and difficult clusters of them.

Patch 1.0.4 Small Fixes

The developers on the stream said that Patch 1.0.4 is currently slated to hit Anthem next week, the week beginning March 25th. Some of the changes were discussed on stream, so I’ll list them here.

Nvidia DLSS support is coming with patch 1.0.4, and a Field of View tab has been added for PC players in Anthem’s Video settings.

Performance has been improved through the optimisation of animations that occur a lot of the time. I’m not sure how this has been achieved, but I can tell you that things such as rain effects won’t now slow down your Anthem experience as they might have in the past. Salvaging has also been boosted, which is a godsend because I spend at least 10 percent of my time doing that.

Fog Walls are being adjusted/removed from a number of areas. These are walls that prevent you from passing through, and are super annoying if you die in a Stronghold, spawn outside of the wall, and then need to wait to be warped to another Freelancer before you can properly rejoin the team.

Quickplay missions are being streamlined so that after 15 minutes you can’t join them. This is to avoid pretty much all of the issues Freelancers were encountering, though fixes are being applied to those as well.

An issue with the respawn timer resetting to 30 seconds if a Freelancer had to stop reviving you is going to be fixed with this patch.

General crash fixes have been applied, but more will always be on the way. This is more of an ongoing thing for Bioware, but it’s good to see them acting on the crashed because those can do some real damage.

General crash fixes have been applied, but more will always be on the way. This is more of an ongoing thing for Bioware, but it’s good to see them acting on the crashed because those can do some real damage.

Freelancers having issues interacting with objects, even when others can interact with them fine, need fear no more. This bug, whatever it is, has been squashed.

Overheating has been decreased by 20 percent, so we can all fly and hover for the right amount of time at last! The cooldown timer has been decreased too!

A new loading screen has been introduced just to spice things up a bit! This one is of an Elysian Cache, so you can see what you won’t have for a little while if you’re like me.

Achievements and Trophies are being looked into regarding the bugs surrounding them. I imagine these are pretty subjective to each case, so please know that Bioware is looking into these and will post fixes as soon as possible.

More Story?

Loads of voice actors and actors for Anthem have been doing new sessions either in the booth or in motion capture gear recently. Yes there is more story coming. No further details were revealed I’m afraid.

New enemies and details about new characters were asked about in the stream, but the developers were super vague. I think there’s definitely a plan for new enemies and story, involving new characters, but we need to wait until the end of act 1.

Map Waypoints

The developers said that map waypoints and generally adding ways for Freelancers to communicate more is on the radar. Nothing of note is being added anytime soon or even worked on in a form that we can see just yet, but it’s in the hands of the right people.

In addition to this, there was an issue with current waypoints disappearing, for example Strongholds and Contracts. This is now fixed and will be patched with 1.0.4.

Interceptor Melee

The Interceptor Melee is great, but it’s a pain in the ass because you currently need to hammer the melee button for it to continuously hit. Now that’s been changed to a simple button hold. Have fun with that! One note on this is that it doesn’t yet apply to the Ultimate for the Interceptor. If you’d like it to let Bioware know.

More Universal Components

I mean the title says it doesn’t it? More Universal Components are being added to the game to make it easier to run with your favourites, or build badass Javelin loadouts.

A good example is Acid Slugs, which is specifically for Shotguns. This improves Shotgun Damage, and will apply Acid to the target if you nail them with 7 shots from one round.

Masterwork Buffs

Because there are so many buffs applying to specific Masterworks the developers didn’t go into the details on this one. However, most of the pages of update 1.0.4 are made up of very specific buffs to each Masterwork.

Armour Display Bug

I had this bug hit me recently, and it really messes with you. There are two sides to it as far as I can tell, one is the UI literally not showing your armour, and the other is just that both health and armour disappear and you’re invincible until the game recognises that you should be down. This has been fixed now, but I think I still had a bug that no one’s talked about yet, which I’ll post to Bioware at some point.


If you look at the Anthem Subreddit on any given day you’ll see someone bitching about Luck, and how it shouldn’t be a stat. The developers are looking at it, but they have no updates to share on coming fixes just yet. Take this as a hint to stop spamming the Subreddit with Luck hate please.

Support Gear Masterworks

This one is similar to Luck. The developers are working on Masterworks for Support Gear, but they aren’t ready yet. When they are we’ll know about them, and they’ll get added to the game as soon as that’s possible I imagine. In the stream it was said that while these won’t come in patch 1.0.4, they should come pretty soon after that.

Water Transition

It was always a little janky moving from the air into water, or flying out of the water into the air. This has now been adjusted so that it’s super smooth and doesn’t have the same jarring issues it felt like it had previously.

World Events

Not a change with the events themselves, but actually with the map. when you’re in Freeplay and flying around, you can open the map when you’ve joined a World Event and see the area that event applies to. This is helpful for those of you who, like me, die in these events and need to navigate back to them.

An issue that was related to World Events has also been fixed. Now if you’re fighting say a Titan, and someone else activates a World Event, that Titan won’t despawn. You may not have noticed the trigger before, but that was a real big issue.

Inventory Space

Yet another thing that Bioware is aware of and are looking into. I think it’s important to acknowledge issues as they have done, but we all need to chill out with the hassle now and just let them get something in place that doesn’t overload my Playstation 4 when one additional slot is granted.

That’s it for changes that were discussed and other bits and pieces I picked up on. I hope you appreciate the notes, let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you missed the stream you can watch it below.

Image Source: ByViukk


  1. Thanks for the breakdown. I’m still a little annoyed that Anthem as it is just lacks the polish I expected from a supposedly finished game, but it’s good to know that the devs are still trying. I’m still having a blast, though, so all’s good.

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