Howdy Freelancers! It’s Fashion Friday once again, and this week there’s been a little more activity on the community Subreddit than there was last week. Here I’m going to list all the entires, as well as those that have been sent to me on Instagram and Twitter. Please do message me there, or email me on, if you have an entry of your own that you would like to see added to the article. I’ll update the article over the weekend as new entries come in.

Fashion Friday Entries for March 22nd

This entry is called FRSK M.2, and is apparently Reddit user tottyNA_7WB‘s third Ranger loadout. I really like the use of colour in the Javelin, makes it look like an Iron Man suit that hasn’t been revealed just yet.


Next up we’ve got two entries from Reddit user SirSnindybus. Both of these are Ranger loadouts, with the top one being their first, and the second one being their latest Ranger creation. The top one is called Ancient Sentinel, and really does look like some of the Sentinel armour you see walking around, just a lot older and more regal. The second one didn’t have a name, so I dubbed it Green Goblin because that’s exactly what it looks like to me. I really love the use of colour in the Green Goblin specifically, it almost looks like a specialised Scar unit. On a side note, Green Goblin was created primarily to make use of a vinyl, but I think it looks great anyway!

Ancient Sentinel
Green Goblin

Next up we have the Golden Colossus from Reddit user FunkyWarr10r. You’ve just got to be in awe of this one because it looks like those aliens in The 5th Element movie. Man that movie is great, and so is this Colossus design.

Golden Colossus

FunkyWarr10r was even kind enough to share how they came up with the gold colour. In fact they didn’t but we can give a shoutout to the person who did, Reddit user KayaniAmber. If you’re curious you’re in luck, because I’ve put the original image they posted below, so go ahead and create!

How to Make Gold in Anthem

Next up we’ve got another entry with no name from Reddit user thoughtbludgeon, so I thought it was best to call it that because it kind of suits it. It’s a familiar design in a number of ways, especially that vinyl, but I don’t think that’s ever a reason not to post a Javelin design. The user even commented with a ‘shrug’ after their post, but I think they should be prouder of what they’ve created here. Even if you’re copying a design you saw elsewhere, it’s still a stepping stone to creating something original in the long run. Keep at it thoughtbludgeon.


That’s all of the entries I have for now. As I said I’ll update the article with any entries I get over the weekend. Make sure you get in touch if you want to see your Javelin design in here.


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