Howdy Freelancers! Reddit user Mukilol has made an awesome post over on the Anthem Subreddit yesterday, their brand new website. The website in question,, is a tool that Freelancers can use to build out their ideal Javelins without needing to go through the tedious process of doing so in the in-game Forge.

The website is currently in its earliest form of development but will be improved as time goes on, with the benefit of feedback from all us Freelancers.

The overall goal of the website is to provide a build editor and planner that allows Freelancers to figure out what they want their Javelin to be, and share it with others. If you think about this as a sort of optimal character builder for RPG classes then you’re pretty much there.

Inscriptions aren’t included in the website at the time of writing, but those will be added in the future along with a whole suite of new features to make the builder more useful and accessible.

Some of the initial comments in the Reddit thread have praised the site for being clearer about how gear works than the game’s own descriptions. Of course there’s a degree of hiding the true facts of each piece of gear in order to encourage testing on each Javelin, but it does make it much easier to have everything spelt out for you.

One thing that seems to be missing from the Anthem community is exactly what this site achieves, an easy way of showing others exactly what gear you’re running with, and what you can achieve with it. It’s easy enough to record a gameplay clip and upload it to social media showing you taking down a huge boss in record time, but it’s another thing entirely to explain why your gear allows you to do it.

This website is the result of a lot of data research and coding, and should be praised for existing at all. It’s really impressive and I’m definitely going to be using it in the future to share Javelin builds with you guys.

These posts are my favourite to write, ones about the community, because they show how many people actually enjoy Anthem. The press is filled with people saying they hate the game, and unfortunately they’re the vocal ones. But every time I get to write a Fashion Friday article or something from the community I see a positivity here that everyone else seems to ignore. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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