Howdy Freelancers! You may have noticed that the servers for Anthem went down yesterday (what a surprise!). But that’s not because of some bug, glitch, or the tyrant EA trying to ruin your life, it was all in aid of updating the game. Update was rolled out last night for me, and now I’m going to explore the patch notes here to make sure you understand everything that’s changed.

This update builds upon the one Bioware spoke about in their recent Legendary Missions livestream, update 1.0.4.

The first issue on the list of fixes is relevant loot drops. For a while it’s been an issue that while out and about on Mission, in a Stronghold, or even just roaming in Freeplay, you’d get loot drops for a Javelin other than the one currently in use. For example, I received a drop for my Storm Javelin while doing some Freeplay in my Iron Man Ranger Javelin. Bioware have now addressed this issue and, it sounds like, removed the ability to receive loot for a different Javelin to the one you’re using. Let’s hear if this is correct in the comments please.

Next up is an issue that affected Nvidia Highlights. If you’re not familiar with it, Nvidia Highlights allows people to capture clutch moments in games, such as last minute kills, spectacular fails, or just moment-to-moment insanity. The clips can then be easily shared with YouTube and a number of other video services.

The issue in anthem caused Nvidia Highlights to crash occasionally, but Bioware are now saying that they’ve fixed the bug that caused this. Again, let me know in the comments, if you use Nvidia Highlights, if this is fixed.

This next issue was super annoying. The problem was that Elysian Cache items, the rewards at the end of Legendary Missions, wouldn’t appear when the cache was opened. Instead Freelancers needed to restart the game, or head out and complete another activity, before the items would appear in their inventory. This bug is now fixed according to Bioware, tell me if you still experience it in the comments.

The next issue pertains to the newsfeed, and drove me mad. It was the issue that the newsfeed wouldn’t correctly display content, and it basically made the feature irrelevant. However, Bioware are now saying that this has been fixed.

The next issue relates to Ursix and Titans. These two monsters weren’t’ spawning as frequently as intended in Freeplay, which may have contributed to the poor loot drop situation. However, the spawn rates have been altered and this issue should now be fixed. Let me know if you see more terrifying enemies in Freeplay in the comments.

Previously when turning on DLSS, an AI feature of Nvidia that improves frame rate, the screen would shake. This same issue also occurred when turning off motion blur. These issues have now been fixed according to Bioware, but I want to hear from you PC Freelancers. Let me know if you’re still experiencing some problems.

Finding Old Friends is a mission that’s in the rotation of Legendary Missions right now. At the end you’re meant to hear Owen and interact with him after he’s been a bit of an idiot. However, an issue with the Legendary Mission variant of this Mission was causing problems with both interacting with Owen, and hearing him if you managed to do so. These problems have now been fixed, but I’m sure we’ll all shout about it if we find it’s still an issue when this Legendary Mission rolls around.

The final fix for Update relates to the Fury, Luminaries, Titans, and Ursix enemies. Previously all of these enemies would despawn or disappear in Freeplay when another Freelancers began another World Event in that same Freeplay session. This has now been fixed, and that would be wonderful if it’s 100 percent true. I don’t doubt that this has been tested over and over, but let me know in the comments if you’re still seeing the bug.

That’s everything for this update, I hope you understand everything that’s been fixed now. Let me know if you have any questions about the update, or any issues, in the comments.

Image Source: Fort-Tarsis

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