Howdy Freelancers! I know it’s been a month since I last wrote one of these, but I have a valid excuse. My daughter was born on the 24th of March, and has taken up all of my time since then, which I love but makes it very hard to write articles. However, now I’m getting back to normality and have a chance to trawl through the Fashion Friday entries. If you want your Javelin added into the article then please do one of the following; email me on, message me on Twitter @GuyAnthem or on Instagram @thatguywhoplaysanthem.

Now the Anthem Subreddit seems to have given up on Fashion Friday, but enough Freelancers are still submitting Javelins that I’ve got loads to put in here.

Reddit user Counter has posted their Blastoise design today. I love that this is made to mimic a Pokemon, and it does a really good job too don’t you think? I just wish there was such a thing as mounted back cannons for the Colossus to make it perfect.

Toy Trolley

Reddit user gTk25-8 has posted their mad design with the simple caption ‘great customisation’. I’m calling this the Toy Trolley because not only is it mental, but that’s exactly what it looks like. I know when I get one of these for my daughter in the future this is all I will think about.


I’m pretty sure we’ve had a D.VA entry before, but here’s another one anyway, from Reddit user satansbiscuite. I think the Colossus is just perfect for this, and I don’t think anyone can say otherwise.

Reddit User Counter has also submitted this Cursed Humpty Dumpty image that I think you’ll agree is a little terrifying. Those eyes are just horrific, why would anyone create something like this?

Funky Zone

Counter has once again posted something incredible, yet still a little scary. As so helpfully pointed out by one of the comments on this post, this Javelin design looks a lot like the Funky Zones from classic Sonic titles.

Inferno Joe

SlutLife69 has today submitted this guy, who they call Inferno Joe. I can see where they’re going with the name, but honestly I just like the design too. You can see on the details where they must have taken ages deciding what colours to use.


This is an attempt to recreate EVA-01 from Evangelion from Reddit user cosimdead. I’m a big fan of recreating characters in Anthem, and this is just that. I’m not 100 percent sure it totally works though, maybe an Interceptor would have worked better?

The final entry we have for today is Lord Drakkon, of Power Rangers fame, from Reddit user AndreLinoge7769. This guy is pretty hard to recreate, so my hat goes off to this person for doing what they’ve done!

That’s all for today, but if you have any entries please do submit them. I’ll be updating the article over the weekend so your entry will be included. Let me know what you think of these Javelins in the comments.

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