Last week Jesse Anderson, Global Community Manager on Anthem, posted a thread on Twitter in order to discuss some things that have been on his mind. This thread came the Thursday after the delayed Bioware livestream about the new Stronghold, Sunken Cell.

Anderson began by saying that he wasn’t okay with the lack of communication with fans and players, but there was a reason for it. He said that when there are conversations going on internally he has to go quiet on certain matters. The reason here isn’t to keep things secret, but more to avoid saying the wrong thing to fans. When aspects of any game are still in development it’s easy to talk about what features might be in the end product, but with a live game this becomes more of an issue because the player base is expecting a feature that may never arrive, or arrives in a new form.

Moving on from what he can’t talk about, Anderson said that in the future he is going to talk with the community more. While he may not be able to talk about Anthem’s future much, he will be discussing updates and features that have just dropped, or have been confirmed as dropping soon. He will also be able to talk about issues in Anthem that Bioware are aware of, and any fixes or solutions they’re working on.

Next Anderson talked about the Sunken Cell stream. Watching it, it was obviously hard for him because there was so much he couldn’t talk about, and he reiterates on Twitter that it was very difficult. Part of the reason he found the stream difficult was that people were asking questions that he couldn’t answer, and it frustrated him because he could barely find any questions he could answer.

He went on to say that the cut cable which caused the delay in the livestream made his life hell for a week or so. He also said that when the chest opened at the end of the stronghold he nearly shouted ‘purple rain’, but didn’t and instead froze for fear of how the community would react. In reality that chest should have contained Masterworks, and it didn’t help the fan react to the stream.

Here Anderson said that Anthem has become a very sensitive subject for Bioware and a lot of the fans. He wants to get back to the point where everyone can have a laugh and joke about things like a chest full of purple loot.

From here on our Anderson says that whatever the subject of the upcoming livestream is, whether it be combat, story, the world, or otherwise, the community will always be notified ahead of time so they know what to expect.

Anderson came out and said that yes, Bioware do watch other developers and how they interact with their communities in livestreams. As a result they’ll be evolving their livestreams in order to bring Bioware more in line with the likes of Bungie and Digital Extremes. This should, in their minds, help them foster a better MMO community and build a better rapport with their fans and Anthem players.

Anderson moves on to point out that in this latest livestream they didn’t have people talking and playing at the same time. The reason for this is that it’s difficult to talk about what you’re doing in a game if you’re not used to it. But Anderson added that if the community want more developers talking as they play then that’s something they will look into in the future.

Interestingly Anderson pointed out that he plays other MMOs that Anthem gets compared to, including Destiny 2 and The Division 2. He said that all of these games can co-exist, and there’s no reason to spread hate among either the communities, or between them on forums.

Regarding loot, Anderson said that no more information can be given other than what has already been shared. As soon as there is more news, Anderson said he’ll be the first to report it to the community.

I think this thread was an extremely mature way of reaching out to the community members who are concerned enough to follow Anthem’s community manager. It covers a lot of stuff that was vaguely clear from the livestream, but paints a black and white picture of what exactly is going on in the background of this game.

Let me know what you guys think of the thread in the comments. You can find everything Jesse Anderson said on Twitter here.

Image Source: Twitch

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