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Howdy Freelancers! Thanks to some very careless Tweeting it’s become apparent that development on Anthem has ceased forever! I’m joking of course, but this is exactly what a number of Freelancers, and games press sites, all seem to believe has happened with three of the key leads moving away from Anthem.

There have been a number of issues with Anthem, no one is denying that. Communication was one of them, but Jesse Anderson cleared up how communication on the game is going to work moving forward very recently. Even so I’ve seen people Tweeting him about lack of communication, and he has to be really clear with them that actually what he said is he would share information when he has it. So right now we can just know that he doesn’t have any information.

Dragon Age 4

Back to the point of this article, people believe Anthem is doomed (again) because three of the key leads have moved away from the project and onto Dragon Age 4. The Tweets I referred to earlier came from Michael Gamble, but what he was actually doing was trying to stir up some hype for Dragon Age 4.

It seems as though now he is moving from his role of Lead Producer on Anthem to work on the new Dragon Age title. In addition, Lead Director Jonathon Warner and Executive Producer Mark Darrah are both moving onto the new project as well. Gamble even shared some names of people who Freelancers should follow from now on because they would be heading up work on Anthem.

From here on out it seems like Ben Irving, Lead Producer, and Head of Live Service Chad Robertson are the people to follow for upcoming information on Anthem.

Anthem Isn’t Doomed

Writing articles with clickbait titles on how Anthem is falling apart is paying the bills for a lot of press sites at this point. But the simple fact is that the game isn’t doomed at all.

When developers and people in other roles move on from a game it doesn’t mean the game is going to be taken down and removed from history. It actually means what is incredibly obvious here, because Michael Gamble came out and said it. These employees are moving onto a new project.

When a game comes to a natural closing point in development, it’s often a time when developers leave the company to start a new adventure. This is the point where journeys have come to an end, and for people like Gamble, Warner, and Darrah who were actually working on the post-launch side of things this is the end of a cycle for them.

With Anthem live and in the hands of Freelancers it’s now turning into a different beast. These three Bioware employees were on board to support the launch and the immediate aftermath, but they weren’t equipped to deal with the fallout that we’re seeing now. The people who are equipped to deal with this are being moved into position to ensure Anthem develops into a fantastic game over the next 10 years.

Whinge About What Matters

I’m going to end with two points that are way bigger than the misinformation that Anthem is dying. First, Anthem is published by EA, and they’ve put a significant investment into this title. They flopped their own Star Wars Battlefront 2, and they didn’t help the last Mass Effect game. At some point EA need to make some money, and they’re only going to do that if they keep a game running long enough for players to help it change into something they load up daily.

Second, why do you think three key people involved in community and live games have moved to Dragon Age 4? Dragon Age games are traditionally single player, though multiplayer elements have been available before. I think these guys moving onto Dragon Age 4 indicates that the game is going to be far more like a game as a service, an MMO, and a live game than anyone is willing to admit.

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