Howdy Freelancers! Over the weekend the community Subreddit saw a pretty big post asking if we can all just declare Anthem as dead right now. The post was pretty heavily upvoted and has received a lot of comments after the same fashion, meaning general negativity. But can we call Anthem dead just because a forum post says it is?

The forum post, which you can read here, has some compelling arguments as to why anthem is a failure, but not much in the way of concrete evidence that the game is dead. It’s sort of like how people have been trying to argue that because some staff have moved on from Anthem it’s going under.

Let me explain what I mean. When I see a dead game, it has no one playing it, apart from maybe one or two really dedicated people, and others who just fancy checking it out for their streams or something. The evidence listed, as far as I can tell, in this blog post is based purely on Twitch.

Twitch viewership isn’t a direct indication of how many people are playing a game, it’s the number of people streaming it. With so much bad press around Anthem, I’d argue that it would harm your channel, and reputation as a streamer, if you decided to stream it right now. All that would happen is that you’d attract people who want to spread hate about the game, and you chat would look like a horror movie as everyone rips the game, and Bioware, apart.

The post goes on to list some other valid points, such as the fact that the game was heavily altered very late in the day. Yes, we all now understand this was an issue, and yes it clearly did have an affect on the end-product that is Anthem. I can’t deny that.

However, I think the point that I’m trying to make here isn’t that this forum post is wrong to be honest. My point is more that Anthem isn’t actually a dead game, it’s just to those who have stopped playing it, it is dead.

What Makes a Game Dead?

I think deciding if Anthem is dead is purely subjective. If you played it on your own and then got bummed out when you finished it and had nothing to do so quit, then fine it’s dead to you. If you played as a group and everyone from that group dropped out until the game slowly became dead to you, then fine it’s dead to you.

To me, a game is dead when no one is playing it, as I said at the start of this article. I might see loads of errors and connection problems when I log in, but I definitely don’t see a lack of other people playing. Every mission I load into is fully matchmade, all spots filled. This might just be on Playstation 4, but even so you can’t go around calling the game dead because of platform-specific player bases.

To refer back to Destiny 2 for a second, when I play that game I’m still matched up with fewer than the necessary players in certain activities. It’s a nightmare, as it makes everything so much harder. I wouldn’t call Destiny 2 dead by any stretch of the imagination, but certain aspects of it are extremely quiet.

With Anthem activities are different. Your match made to the activity you’re launching, and generally there’s a whole bung of other Freelancers out there doing it. Even if you start alone, by the tine 10 minutes have gone by you’ve got a full team for the mission.

To conclude, I don’t think it’s fair to call Anthem dead. It’s got a lot of issues, and the player count has dropped considerably, but there are still enough people playing it. Just because a game isn’t huge on Twitch doesn’t mean that no one’s playing, it just means it isn’t what people want to watch right now.

Before you go off and say the game is definitely dead, answer this question. Have you played it today?

Let me know your thoughts on whether Anthem is dead in the comments.


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