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Howdy Freelancers! If you’ve been on the Anthem Subreddit lately you might have seen the reaction to the patch notes for Anthem’s latest update. Update 1.1.1 hit the game today at 10AM Central Time, 3PM GMT, and fixed just a few things. Let’s dive in and have an in-depth look at exactly what has been fixed.

The first fix is for an error that caused weapons and components to display with incorrect stat values. Jesse Anderson pointed this out in the last livestream, and I bet it’s been super frustrating for a number of you. I don’t think there’s a lot I can add to the detail of this, other than it should now be possible to see all of the correct data on a weapon and component.

The second fix is something I’ve definitely experienced, and Jesse Anderson mentioned it in the last livestream too. This one is for Javelins displaying at an incorrect Power Level, or Rarity. The example in the last livestream was that a Masterwork Javelin was displaying at a Legendary level. I’m very pleased that this has been fixed, because there’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve got a Legendary Javelin and it not displaying as such.

The next two fixes are very important but received a lot of flack in the comments. The fix is for the Sunken Cell Stronghold, specifically some audio in a conversation that wasn’t playing correctly, if at all, in Spanish and French. Regardless of language, everyone should be able to enjoy a game, so I’m glad that Bioware have prioritised fixing this very important issue. I hope you French and Spanish Freelancers can enjoy Sunken Cell to the max now.

The next fix is for an issue that slowed the Salvaging process after an Expedition. Salvaging is important because there’s so much crap that you pick up out on missions and Freeplay. Bioware streamlined the process a while back, but it’s important that they unify the speed everywhere, which is why this fix is super important.

This next fix is slightly confusing so I’ll do my best to explain it. Partially defeated encounters now won’t award you with loot for enemies you’ve previously defeated. What this breaks down to is that on any encounters you die and respawn from now won’t award loot on enemies you defeated the first time you attempted it. I think this makes sense, because in a way the system could be gamed here to award loot in an unintended manner.

The final fix is for PC Freelancers only. Instead of being able to Salvage items with a click of the right mouse button, you now have to hold the button. I can’t imagine the frustration that you PC Freelancers have been experiencing. I thought there was a prompt before an item was properly dismantled but I could be wrong. Glad this is fixed anyway.

That’s all of the patch notes for Update 1.1.1. Overall I think it’s a good quality of life update that’s part of a bigger update coming from Bioware soon. Fixing issues like these is ‘easy’ for Bioware, and it means that the end goal update can be smaller and more streamlined as a result.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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