Howdy Freelancers! According to an unconfirmed report on the Anthem Subreddit EA is considering a Free-to-Play model for Anthem. The source indicates that EA is considering this due to the backlash the publisher has faced from fans over the state Anthem was in at release.

The report was published on MMOGFails, but I’ve got an image of the post below so you can keep on reading here.

As you can see it looks as though the plan is for Anthem to come to EA Access soon after the service launches on Playstation 4. The service is currently slated to release for Playstation 4 in July, but who knows when it will actually launch? The fact that Anthem would be available on a subscription service is already pretty shady, since some of us have forked out almost $100 or around £60 for the game, but there’s also a little bit here about Anthem going Free-to-Play.

The report says that EA is committed to Anthem because ti fills a gap in their offerings. Basically it’s a genre of game they don’t have in their catalogue, and they’re not dropping it yet because it means their portfolio is fuller.

The report adds that without a much needed boost from patches, Free-to-Play is on the cards for Anthem. I think the reason they’re even considering Free-to-Play is because of Warframe and the success it’s seen with the model. As far as I know Warframe was always Free-ti-Play though, so EA is treading water between known and unknown territories here. I’ll do a full article on whether Free-toPlay is a good idea for Anthem in the future, but what I’ll say for now is that no game I’ve seen move from a premium price model to a Free-to-Play model has ever done that well, apart from a handful of exceptions.

Interestingly Anthem is said to have sold 3.7 million copies in this report. This information adds credence to the rest because during their recent earnings call, EA said that the game’s sales didn’t meet expectations. We know that means that it didn’t sell between 5 and 6 million copies, so 3.7 would be accurate.

The report repeats news that Bioware is hard at work fixing bugs, pushing patches, and trying to get new content out there for us. What was added to this is that EA and Bioware are apparently blaming us for the reason Anthem didn’t sell well, and still isn’t selling well. Apparently the hostility that they’ve seen towards it was totally unexpected, but it’s now our fault for reacting in the way we did.

This argument can go both ways. In one way EA and Bioware should have held off and released a more polished product. On the other hand, the community should be kinder and less toxic, because no one enjoys hating a game, least of all the developers and their publishers.

The final points to the report say that the loot redesign is in the works, but won’t be released anytime soon. It also says that Jesse Anderson has his hands tied and can’t say anything management don’t approve, so stop having a go at him. I really want to reiterate that point. Jesse Anderson is doing his best, so cut him some slack.

Finally, the stat screen is now working but won’t be released this week because there won’t be an update this week. I think this point is the true test of the news, because if there is an update this week, what else in this report isn’t true?

That’s all of the report in a pretty big nutshell. Let me know what you think of this in the comments, and keep an eye out for some other articles on this subject over the next couple of days, as well as videos on the YouTube channel.

Image Source: Reddit

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