Howdy Freelancers! Another fan project similar to one I reported on recently, called, has gone live. This one is called and was created by a number of different people, all of whom can be found alongside their work on the project here.

There are a number of different uses for which I’ll go through with you now. The site primarily works as a build planner for your Javelin, allowing you to check out how powerful a build would be that you’ve been thinking of. You can select each element and search for it in the site’s database, adding it in as you locate it. This gear can be added with all the various stats you might encounter in the world of Anthem, making this tool even more powerful.

With your perfect build created, you can understand what you need to find in order to create it. You can also use this build creator in order to share your build with a friend, as per this example. You have the ability to save up to three different loadouts for each Javelin class, with a separate page that summarises all of your Inscription bonuses on a stat page.

You’re able to calculate damage including melee and weapon procs, add, edit, and delete items from your inventory, and swap or add these items into your build to see the affect they would have on the Javelin.

The site also makes it possible to toggle on/off all the buffs and enemy debuffs you may encounter. This let’s you see what the affect of each of these would be on your current build, allowing for a level of unprecedented insight. Finally you can also see the math that goes into calculating damage equations for weapons and procs.

The beauty of is that it saves everything locally in your browser. If you delete your cookies or use a different device then you won’t see the builds you made.

All damage listed on the site is based on non-critical damage on the red health bar mobs without any special resistances.

I love seeing new creations come out of the community like this, and this one in particular is super deep on the stats side of things. Up until now there hasn’t been a way to really get into building your Javelins using this level of strategy, but that’s why this community is one of my favourites in gaming.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Image Source: Reddit

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