Howdy Freelancers! After a month of literally no news we’ve had a big old drop of the stuff today from Anthem’s Community Manager Jesse Anderson. He just Tweeted out that an update to Anthem has released, this would be update 1.2.0, and that the Cataclysm is coming soon!

Earlier today I reported on Michael Gamble hinting a bright future for Anthem, which has now been proven to be true. All we had to do was be a little patient. I’ll explore the full patch notes for Anthem update 1.2.0 in a later article, but you can check them all out here if you’re interested.

In his article accompanying this news Jesse Anderson tells us that it’s been a while since any communication has come our way, which I think we’re all aware of, but that a new update has just dropped for Anthem! The update, 1.2.0, contains a lot of under the hood changes, Anderson says, but it also paves the way for the upcoming Cataclysm!

We’ve been waiting for a Cataclysm all May, and now it seems as though Bioware are going to fulfil their promise of getting it to us this month, just about.

What’s actually happening is that Bioware want to build a Cataclysm that players will enjoy, so instead of releasing one outright for us to complain about, they’re going to launch a test one. Specifically there will be a Public Test Server for PC, which will allow Freelancers to play the latest builds of Anthem and provide feedback on them as they’re pushed live.

I think this is going to be extremely useful to us and to Bioware, because it means we can see what they think we want, and they can get feedback that is up to the minute in terms of their builds.

To sign all of this off Anderson reveals that there’s going to be a livestream tomorrow at 3PM Central Time, 9PM for us in the UK, during which Bioware will discuss everything about Anthem, including the Cataclysm.

We’ve already seen what a Cataclysm looks like in Anthem, or the build up to one in the form of a Shaper Storm at least. Tomorrow will give us a look at a Cataclysm proper, the vision for what the world of Anthem going insane looks like. Personally I can’t wait, but what do you guys think?

Image Source: Daily Star

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