Howdy Freelancers! After update 1.2.0 dropped yesterday the Freelancers over at Anthem Archive datamined the new code for some details about what’s coming to Anthem in the near future, and the Cataclysm.

The biggest piece of information to come out of this datamining effort is the lore behind these things called Conjunctions. Apparently they’re some sort of wormhole or portal entry that is associated with the Cataclysm. According to Matthias Sumner, Conjunctions pull in energy and could potentially lead to completely different locations, not all of which may exist in the physical world or universe.

The direct codex entry is as follows, “Everyone knows what an overload of Shaper energy looks like – well, maybe not everyone except most Arcanists and many Cyphers – but inversions of energy are relatively rare. Such events are referred to as ‘conjunctions’ because to all appearances the energy that normally radiates outward from a Shaper instrument is instead pulled into it and…through to connect some other location. What location? Where is it going? We have no idea. It may not even be a location within our physical reality. Energy goes in and objects – even living creatures! – come out from wherever it’s connecting to. How do conjunctions form? What’s their function? Further study will bring us answers – M.Sumner.

A lot of new cosmetics were also datamined alongside this lore and details of the Cataclysm. Luckily Anthem Insider put together an article featuring all of them here.

It looks as though there is a new World Event that’s associated with the Cataclysm, tasking us with closing some sort of dangerous portal or apparition. This would make sense because the Cataclysm is going to be ripping the entire world of Anthem apart.

We’re going to find out more about the Cataclysm today! Bioware is hosting a livestream to show it off and discuss it with the entire community. You can tune in on their Twitch channel here.

I’m personally very excited to see the Cataclysm and everything it’ll be doing for the world of Anthem. There’s so much potential for Anthem at the moment that it seems mad that Bioware have taken so long to get around to talking about the Cataclysm. However, it’s understandable given the recent issues they’ve faced regarding the game. These issues have prompted them to put the Cataclysm live on a PC test server, which I imagine we’ll get a good look at later on.

Let me know if you’re excited about the Cataclysm in the comments.

Image Source: Anthem Insider

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