Howdy Freelancers! A lot of news came out of Bioware’s most recent livestream about the upcoming Cataclysm, but one of the most interesting things we were told is that Anthem will be at E3 2019.

Previously some people were saying that, because EA hadn’t listed Anthem on their games for EA Play 2019, Anthem was being dropped by EA. However, this is definitely not the case now, as Bioware’s own Ben Irving confirmed that developers from the company will be there alongside the game itself.

What Anthem’s Presence be at E3 2019?

Thanks to Ben Irving we now what kind of presence Anthem will have at E3 2019. Firstly the game itself will be there on machines for everyone to play. This includes developers and professional game testers during the industry-only days, and the public on the public days.

On the industry-only days these professional game testers will be playing both the base game of Anthem in its current state, and the Cataclysm public test server. They will then feedback to the Bioware developers who are going to be present at the event, telling them what could be improved and tweaked from their point of view.

Of course all professional feedback is going to be taken onboard alongside that of those playing the Cataclysm PTS. This is an important distinction because it shows how much Bioware value our feedback, and how they’re willing to listen to what we have to say.

On the public days anyone who wants to will be able to go and play Anthem can do so with Bioware. There will also be a few machines running the Cataclysm PTS, so any Freelancers heading to E3 should definitely go and give that a go.

E3 Reveal?

Ultimately Anthem being at E3 probably won’t mean any big reveals for the game. Bioware are on the backfoot and they are desperately trying to get the Cataclysm to us as soon as possible. That means their focus is not on putting together a fancy trailer for content we won’t see for a few months.

However, I do think it’s possible that Bioware still could announce something for Anthem at E3. I know it isn’t likely, but part of me keeps thinking that it’s too good of an opportunity for them to miss. Maybe they’ll announce the date the Cataclysm will go live, or maybe they’ll give us some details about what the next two Acts of Anthem will be.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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