Howdy Freelancers! I know you all probably watched the Cataclysm livestream that Bioware held last week, but in case you didn’t you needn’t worry because I took notes! I’ll go through everything that Bioware covered in the livestream here, but if you’re looking for a quick summary I’ve put a video of my personal highlights from the stream below.

The Cataclysm

The whole reason the livestream happened is that the Cataclysm is finally coming to Anthem. The Cataclysm is going to be a time limited event that is made up of two parts. The first is going to be a 2 week pre-event period, during which I expect we’ll see lots of Shaper energy going wild. After that the Cataclysm itself will last for a further 6 weeks, making for a total of 8 weeks for the entire event. What happens after the 8 weeks? Well Ben Irving didn’t answer my questions so I have no idea.

The Cataclysm is going to be a brand new area for us to explore. We’ll begin in a safe zone that protects all Freelancers from the dangers of the storm the Cataclysm is causing. As we leave this area we will need to take on arenas, which are small areas that need to be beaten in order to unlock a new safe zone. This is how you’ll advance through the Cataclysm to the ultimate goal, defeating Vara (more on her later).

The Cataclysm is a score-based activity, with your score doubling for killing Vara. You could just head to the boss and end it all, or you could take on a few arenas, look for hidden areas, or a number of other things that will boost your score prior to killing Vara. There will be a leaderboard that Freelancers will fight to get to the top of over the 6 weeks of the Cataclysm, and the higher your score, the better your rewards.

The optimal route through the Cataclysm will change each week as the Arenas move and change how they need to be solved. This is how Bioware is keeping the Cataclysm interesting for the duration of the event, avoiding it becoming just another activity to speed our way through.

Before the Cataclysm goes live it’ll be going to a PTS (Public Test Server). This sever is PC only, and will go live int he near future. The idea here is for Bioware to push builds of the Cataclysm to Freelancers who can test them and provide real-player feedback.

Finally, a new vendor will appear to dole out rewards for the Cataclysm. Freelancers will earn a new currency from running the Cataclysm, which they can then use with this new vendor to buy new gear.

New Content

The Cataclysm is adding 3 new missions, which will take place in the 2 week pre-event period. This will expand Anthem’s story to show a new faction of the Dominion, led by Vara, who create a Cataclysm because they’re bloody mental.

As I’ve already mentioned, there’s a leaderboard being added with the Cataclysm as well, and loads of new loot. We’ll be able to earn new weapon types, new Masterwork gear, new melee weapons with different Inscriptions, and Masterwork and Legendary Support gear. All the new gear we’ll be earning will be above the current level cap, and therefore the highest level loot in the game.

Anthem’s Future

A few more things came out of the livestream that you may have missed. The next Bioware livestream will be this week, if everything goes to plan for Bioware. The stream will cover the new Cataclysm vendor and War Chests.

Bioware also confirmed that Anthem will be at E3 this year, even though EA don’t mention the game on their EA Play 2019 schedule. This was something some negative fans were using to show that Anthem is being dropped by EA, but thankfully they can’t use that anymore.

That’s everything I had in my notes, if I missed something please do point it out in the comments! Let me know what you thought of the livestream in the comments too.

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