Howdy Freelancers! As part of the Cataclysm livestream Bioware explained that there’s going to be an entirely new vendor available for the duration of this new time-limited event. The vendor will have powerful new gear for us to collect, but they’ll also require a brand new currency.

How Does This new Vendor Work?

The Cataclysm vendor will work like any other vendor in Anthem, taking currency in exchange for gear and cosmetics. What you may not realise is that this vendor will only take Cataclysm currency, a brand new form of currency that won’t be available to earn until the Cataclysm is upon us.

How do I Earn Cataclysm Currency?

You’ll be earning this new Cataclysm currency by completing runs of the Cataclysm itself. Each one will award a certain number depending on the score you achieved with that run. If you take measures to get the best score possible for your run then you’ll earn more currency. If you don’t you’ll still earn some, just not as much.

You can boost the currency you’ll earn by boosting your score. That means you need to be finding hidden challenges and treasures, completing Arenas, and generally doing everything that it’s possible to do in the Cataclysm within the time limit. Don’t forget that you can extend that time limit by completing Arenas.

What Sort of Items Does the Cataclysm Vendor Sell?

Really this is the question on everyone’s mind, but I’m afraid I don’t know for sure. The vendor will be selling new cosmetics that are limited to the Cataclsym, once the event is over they’ll be gone forever.

I also know that the gear you earn during the Cataclysm will be the most powerful in Anthem at the time of the event. What I can’t confirm just yet is whether or not you’ll be able to buy this gear, as in new equippable items for slots on your Javelins, and weapons directly from this vendor.

What you might be able to do is purchase new Blueprints and other powerful items that are the precursor to this new gear and new weapons. I’d lean more towards this because it would then be more in line with how the other vendors work already. Only time will tell if I’m right, but we’ll know for sure soon because this is the subject of the next Anthem livestream.

When Does the Vendor Appear?

The new Cataclsym vendor will appear during the 2 week pre-event lead up to the Cataclysm. The Cataclysm itself will be 6 weeks long, but it will have 2 weeks of build up before that. During that build up time is the first opportunity we’ll have to meet this vendor.

However, I don’t think we’ll be able to access items from the vendor with this new Cataclysm currency straight away. What Bioware have said is that this will be one way of earning rewards from the Cataclsym.

This vendor will also offer War Chests, which I think we can purchase with other, easier to gain, currency. These War Chests might not have the most powerful gear and weapons in them, but they will contain gear and weapons that are limited to the Cataclysm. As far as I know, this is how the vendor will operate from day 1 of the 2 week pre-event period.

I hope you understand the new vendor a little better now. Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments.

Image Source: PCGamesN

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