Howdy Freelancers! E3 is usually a time of excitement for your favourite game IPs, but in more recent years that excitement has spread to current MMOs as well. However, EA have just confirmed that they’re not showing Anthem at E3, so here are my predictions for the game’s time over the course of E3 2019.

First things first, yes EA will not be featuring or showing Anthem during their E3 event, EA Play. I believe they would have been if not for the massive backlash the game has seen since launch. I think this is the right move because there is nothing they could say that wouldn’t be met with mass negativity for negativity’s sake.

While it’s probably for the best that EA don’t bring up Anthem, it is going to be at E3, as I’ve already reported. Bioware will be running the game at E3 for both games industry people and the public, but they’re not going to be announcing anything live from the event.

So What Will Happen With Anthem During E3 2019?

I predict that Anthem is going to see at least one, if not two livestreams during E3 2019. The event is too big to not announce something, and the thing is that a company doesn’t need to hold a press conference at the event in order to make an announcement.

Sony and Nintendo have moved away from E3, hosting their own events around the same time. This is a weird move, but it does give them control over what people will be seeing, when they’ll be seeing it, and at what point during the event their information is given to the industry. This helps the companies control their information, and get it into the news at just the right time, away from other press conferences.

Bioware have recently held a livestream covering the Cataclysm. They also indicated that this week they would hold another livestream to discuss more Cataclsym details. While this second livestream hasn’t materialised just yet, it’s likely that Bioware will hold one over the course of E3.

This livestream will probably cover the Cataclsym and upcoming changes to Anthem. It could also include details about future content plans for the game. This isn’t really new, but the fact that the livestream will be separate from E3 2019 is.

Bioware’s games have always played some part in E3, with Dragon Age 4 being revealed during the event. For EA to leave their biggest game of the year so far out of E3 must mean that coverage is coming separately from Bioware via a livestream.

What do you guys think? If you believe I’m wrong then please explain why in the comments.

Image Source: EA

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