Howdy Freelancers! While very little information about Anthem has been shared during E3 2019, we have got a little bit of information regarding the game’s launch, and how it compares to that of Apex Legends. This information comes from Laura Miele, who was appointed as EA’s Chief of Studios last year.

Laura Miele oversaw the launches of both Apex Legends and Anthem, two games with polar opposite reputations, I think we can all agree. When asked about what she’d learned from these two launches she had some good points that I think reveal a lot about how Anthem was developed, but also how it was handled by EA.

When talking about Apex Legends, Miele is clearly a fan of how the game came to market. She says that Respawn Entertainment had the game ready to go 18 months before it launched, and they spent that time playing it through and through, in and out of work, to figure out what needed to be improved in order to make it the best game it could be.

Miele says that this method of development reminded her of her time with Westwood, developers of the Command & Conquer franchises. According to her they would all stop work at four in the afternoon and play their own games, generating feedback and having a great time while doing it.

Miele then goes on to say that the same approach definitely would have helped Anthem. She says the game should have been playable a year before it launched, but it wasn’t. She adds that all the pieces came together very late in the day for Anthem.

Both of thee points support the Kotaku expose that highlighted the fact that key EA management staff went in and made huge changes to Anthem right before it was supposed to launch. While Miele doesn’t come out and say any of it is true, I think we can take what she says to mean that, at least in some capacity, EA did make changes to Anthem too late.

Miele then goes on to talk about how in the future EA is going to release a lot more Alphas and Betas before the final game ships. This has been standard practice for many MMOs recently, including The Division 2 and Destiny 2, but for some reason EA didn’t feel the need to follow the trend.

I think that this slice of her interview speaks mountains to the truth about Anthem’s development. It’s clear that something happened too late to mean that the game could be polished by launch, but I don’t think we’ll know exactly what for a few years yet.

Let me know what you think about Anthem’s development. Do you think it was all down to EA, or was it never a good game and Bioware are looking for someone to blame?

The original interview can be read here.

Image Source: Fast Web Media

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