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Howdy Freelancers! It’s been quite some time since we saw an update for Anthem, and this one isn’t even that exciting. What Update 1.2.1 does is fix a bunch of smaller issues that couldn’t be patched whilst we still played the game, so buckle up as I explore them and try to ascertain the bigger meaning behind each one.

Cosmetic Fixes

According to the notes there were a selection of bugs that prevented cosmetic items from being properly displayed in Prospero’s store, and the Forge too. Update 1.2.1 fixes these bugs, meaning that cosmetics can once again be seen in both of these locations without any of the funny disappearing acts they might have pulled before.

UI Fixes

There are two points for UI fixes in the patch notes, but the second one simply says that it fixes various other UI issues. UI is a very broad term, but with a patch this small I can’t see the various other issues being that impactful. If anything I would say these ones are the subtle errors, the ones that most Freelancers don’t notice. They also probably include the minority of Freelancers who experience one weird bug all the time for no reason at all.

The actual listed UI Fix relates to PC Freelancers. Specifically, the mouse would disappear, when using mouse and keyboard obviously, at a very specific point in the Forge. I can imagine this would be rage-inducing, particularly if you’re trying to make a simple change on the go. I don’t know if the issue occurred for PC Freelancers with a controller, but I would imagine it didn’t because a controller is one input, while mouse and keyboard are two. Let me know if you’re someone who was affected by this in the comments, maybe we can work it out.

Combat Fixes

A bug that caused enemies to appear frozen after the frozen effect has worn off has been fixed. I’ve seen this issue loads, and while it wasn’t a problem for me personally, I can see why someone would get annoyed about it. Imagine getting killed by a Skorpion even though it was fully rendered as frozen as you walked up to it to deliver a final melee blow.


Additional improvements have been made to matchmaking for Anthem, including a longer matchmaking timer when matching Freelancers into squads.

This fix also tended to another bug that forced Freelancers to wait for much longer than was necessary to matchmake. the new limit is now 90 seconds, so if you fancy giving it a test, start a timer up when you head into an activity, and send me the image if your timer goes over 90 seconds!

That’s all for this update’s patch notes. As I said, there really wasn’t anything major in there, but I do feel like we’ve explored some of the finer details of each aspect of the update a little deeper. Let me know what you think of update 1.2.1 in the comments.

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