Howdy Freelancers! A couple of days ago, over on Twitter, Community Manager for Anthem Jesse Anderson shared that the game’s next update is going to bring the pre-cataclysm content that will mark the start of the 8 week Cataclysm event.

What’s This News Then?

We know from what Bioware have already told us that the Cataclysm is an 8 week event. The first 2 weeks of this event will be pre-cataclysm content, preparing the world and all us Freelancers for the journey ahead. After that the Cataclysm itself will last for 6 weeks, and this will be the point when we can all jump in and start experiencing a brand new type of Anthem gameplay.

This news came from Twitter, in response to a Tweet Anderson had previously made regarding Anthem Update 1.2.1 on the 17th of June. His response came on the 24th of June to someone else, stating that Anthem’s next update will bring pre-cataclysm events to the game.

Anderson explained that the pre-cataclysm update will be for both PC and console, meaning that Bioware will bring the event to all Freelancers at the same time. This is good to know, since there has been a high likelihood that PC Freelancers would receive the Cataclysm first until now. Considering the PTS for the Cataclysm is PC-only.

When Does the Update Drop?

Sadly Anderson did also point out that currently the teams at Bioware are hard at work implementing all the player feedback they have from the PTS. As you can imagine, there’s probably going to be more work to do on top of that, so no date for the release of this update can be given just yet.

Anderson did say that he’d be letting us know as soon as a date had been locked down. So all we need to do is follow Anderson on Twitter, and every other form of social media if possible, for any trace of this news. At least that’s what I’ll be doing between now and the update.

What Does This Mean?

Well if Anderson is replying to himself he’s clearly either insane, or he’s giving us a little clue on a popular thread that the end is near for the PTS. By that I mean that the update is probably seeing the final bits and pieces being added to it ready for release, and Anderson wants to give us some positive news.

With so much negative news surrounding Anthem you can hardly blame anyone for wanting to talk about good stuff. So here it is, an indication that the Cataclysm will be with us soon!

Let me know what you think of this news in the comments. Also let me know if you’ve been playing on the PTS and have some feedback that you’ve been hammering over to EA.

Image Source: Forbes

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