Howdy Freelancers! It’s been a very long time since I put one of these Fashion Friday articles out, and most of the reason for that is time. With a 3 month old little girl I have to be really strict about my time, and putting this article together late on a Friday just wasn’t a priority. So I’m changing how it works. From now on Fashion Friday will encompass entries from the entire week, posted in all kinds of different places. Hold onto your butts and we’ll begin.

If you want to have your Javelin shown in a Fashion Friday articles you can send it to me through the following: email me on, message me on Twitter @GuyAnthem or on Instagram @thatguywhoplaysanthem.


This first entry is basically an Abomination, at leas that’s what Reddit user brine1330 called it. Obviously it’s a glitch, but it’s a glitch that looks like the secret fifth Javelin we all hope we can unlock. Hope might be a strong word for it.

The Plague Bearer

Next we have The Plague Bearer from Reddit user skrtnchirp. This one looks a lot to me like it’s been inspired a little by medieval armour, but you can definitely see the plague aesthetics with the disgusting colouration and what feel like mutated points sticking out all over the Javelin.


Here we have Blizzard from Reddit user Savageopress77. They pointed out how they’ve integrated the Maple Leaf here and I’m super impressed with it. I think it might be because I love Canada, or maybe it’s just the whole Canadian feel that makes it seem wholesome to me. You can’t deny that blizzards and Canada go hand in hand.

Meet Magmar of Cinnabon Island from Reddit user skrtnchirp. Of course they’ve changed the name of Cinnabar Island (I could hear you Pokemon fans from here!) but I can see why you’d change it. While this does look extremely close to a Magmar from the Pokemon games, you can’t deny that you get a craving for a sweet treat just staring at it.

Full America

Since it was Independence Day yesterday for all you American Freelancers I had to put in something like this, courtesy of Reddit user HollywoodDomHogan. They didn’t actually give this Javelin design a name, but they said they went full-America, which I think we can all agree is accurate. I love the skull, but I also think it could be a tad too much maybe? Let me know what you think in the comments for this one.

Samurai Ranger Build

This stunning Javelin comes to you from Reddit user matt-the-norseman. I say it and couldn’t quite believe it was a screenshot, though I suspect some enhancement has gone on here. Just look at that thing though! I really feel like Bioware should add in a Samurai Sword melee weapon just for this build alone.


Killmonger comes to you from Reddit user cgelin11. If you haven’t worked it out the inspiration is, of course, Killmonger of the Black Panther comics. You can see the design has take into account the character’s heritage with the leopard print across the chest and back, and even the orange stripes. I think the Storm’s arm completes it though, making it look more like a modern Killmonger, one that we’ve come to know recently.

Snake Leather

Savageopress77 has another entry this week, Snake Leather. I think this goes really well with Killmonger, and the pair could even be part of the same clan if you wanted to make a story out of it. That cloak is both gruesome and beautiful, I love the way it mimics snake skin.

Green Goblin

Beastcore13 brings us their Green Goblin interpretation. I really like the combination of colours, they make me think of an old-school Green Goblin and not the revamped version. If I saw this flying around I’d genuinely question the Freelancer’s intentions. Don’t throw any Pumpkin Bombs at me!

This week we’re going to finish up with a spectacular design from Reddit user saurogon. This Javelin looks almost exactly like the nanosuit from the Crysis games, and I could even see it as an alternative version. This is probably one of the best designs I’ve ever seen in terms of accuracy, though I think there’s room for improvement on the helmet.

That’s this week’s Fashion Friday! I hope you enjoyed all the designs I chose throughout the week. Let me know in the comments what your favourite was, and please do send yours to me through the contact methods at the top of the article, because I’ll feature anything if it’s sent to me!

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