Howdy Freelancers! One Freelancer from the community over on Reddit has come up with a load of new weapon concepts for Anthem. User JunkoDefiant has a brilliant mind for these things, and it looks like everyone in the community agrees with me.

I wanted to give these concepts a look and delve into my own thoughts on them with you, as well as get them out there for others to read about. Unfortunately we have no visual concepts to go alongside them, but to be honest I love that these exist and can get the imaginative juices flowing all the same. Let’s dive in.

Titan Eater

An energy weapon made from Corium, an Ash Titan’s heart. This weapon fires a stream of energy akin to the chest beam attacks of the Ash Titan. However, this beam slowly repairs the armor of this weapon’s wielder at a steady amount of 0.5% a second as the base effect. The effect is tied to damage falloff and critical damage multipliers. It even deals damage to enemies with shields active like the Scar Enforcer. In terms of weapon class, it would fit into the volt rifle category.

This weapon sounds incredibly overpowered, but then again there are some seriously challenging encounters in Anthem. I can easily see this being the go to weapon for specific Strongholds or World Events, but it certainly wouldn’t help for everything. In particular I think you’d struggle to use this against Vara in the upcoming Cataclysm because of the way she moves around the arena, but for most other encounters it would make short work of enemies.

Anti-Material Cannon

A heavier revolver style weapon for the Colossus. Loaded with high explosive rounds, the AM Cannon is a fast firing beast, capable of dealing high critical damage to enemies or taking out lesser enemies with its secondary explosions. This weapon has hefty recoil, is slow to reload and even slower to switch to and swap out than other heavy weapons. However, this is an excellent weapon in close to mid-range encounters when you’re outnumbered and can’t shield bash your way out.

Running with a Colossus is almost always fun, except when you’re using slow weapons and your shield is knackered. I can see Anti-Material Cannon filling the gap in my arsenal when my shield has taken too much of a beating and there are enemies swarming my team and I. Currently there isn’t anything outside of an Ultimate that sounds as good as this weapon, but with the balance of it being so slow to use I could see it being a viable addition to Anthem’s roster.


A grenade launcher that fires special grenades in a straight line. If these grenades hit an enemy, an explosive blast will occur behind that enemy, damaging enemies behind the primary target with shrapnel. Most of the damage is dealt to the first target and 50% to enemies behind the initial target. Shields will reduce the damage the enemy takes, but the explosive blast from behind will still occur. Hits to critical parts will increase the explosive blast’s range by +50%.

Wow. This sounds incredible. I almost think that simply having a Grenade on your Javelin with these effects would be enough, but an entire Grenade Launcher sounds insane! I like that it grants the ability to deal damage to crowds behind an enemy, which is definitely helpful when enemies are flowing towards you instead of milling about. The added bonus for a precision shot here is also a nice touch, something I could see being used to min/max a Javelin for optimal mission runs.


A unique grenade launcher that is very effective against enemy energy shields. These grenades stick to enemies with active shields, bypassing the shield in order to attach themselves to the enemy. While attached, the grenade will drain a fixed amount shield energy from that enemy before exploding to deal additional damage to that enemy’s shield. If the shield goes down before the grenade explodes, the grenade will deal damage to the enemy’s health bar. Masterwork variants of this weapon will create shield pickups for you and allies to collect upon a grenade exploding. Shield pickups only restore shields and not health.

This weapon is pretty cool because it adds a whole new pickup, Shield Energy. The idea that this Grenade Launcher actually drains an enemy’s shield and then drops power for your team to pickup is very interesting, something I think would bring balance to a lot of encounters. Everything has been thought of here apart from what would happen if, once the Grenade drains the enemy’s shield, they are killed by gunfire. Apart from that little hole in the abilities, this sounds like a solid weapon.


A grenade launcher modified with components from the Colossus’s railgun and the Devastator sniper rifle. By sacrificing magazine capacity and smart detonation utilities, the Derailer can charge up its ammunition, allowing it to fly farther, faster, with greater force, and hit targets with minimal to no arc. It requires a brief charge time before firing and only has two grenades per clip, but the damage and blast radius of these shots increases the longer a shot is charged. Masterwork variants of this weapon have a 75% chance to refund one round to your magazine if you manage to hit an enemy’s weak point.

Once again we have a weapon that, with the Masterworked version, would be perfect for those who want to min/max their Javelins. To be honest it sounds a little too powerful for use in the main game, but as an Ultimate variant on the Colossus it would be perfect. I know there’s no capacity for changing the Ultimate abilities on Javelins right now, but it’s much more likely than a brand new Javelin. The only caveat to this Ultimate version would have to be the possibility of ammo returning to the clip, unless this was some way of upgrading the Ultimate. I could go on but this concept is far too conceptual, we’d be here forever. I’ll end by saying that this is great, but needs some fundamental changes in Anthem in order to work.


A light machinegun variant with a unique Masterwork effect. Every time you defeat an enemy with this weapon, its entire magazine is refilled by +100%. Defeating multiple enemies within ten seconds will also increase the weapon’s capacity by up to +100% in addition and this effect is refreshed every time another enemy is defeated.

So this weapon is like Sweet Business in Destiny 2, in that you can keep loading ammo into the clip by killing enemies. Unlike Sweet Business, it avoids the issue of limiting how much you can kill enemies without reloading with the overall ammo capacity by granting Freelancers the ability to push that up. I love this concept because it’s one that is just different enough, but grounded enough, to maybe get added to the game. I could even see Freelancers challenging each other to push the unique abilities to the limits, killing as many enemies as possible without reloading.

Hive of Locusts

A grenade launcher which behaves like a shotgun. Fires a cone of exploding pellets that can deal multiple instances of damage to enemies. Has similar range to a shotgun, but suffers from damage falloff like every other weapon, but the exploding pellets help supplement the damage in small amounts. Masterwork variants of this weapon cause additional physical explosions for every 4 pellets that hit a target.

I’ve definitely heard of a Grenade Shotgun before in games, I just can’t remember where. The limitation on damage over distance is important here, because it’ll stop Freelancers spamming it at range or from a hover position. Instead it’s geared towards a tactical last stand, being used to blast a tough enemy, or horde, when the going gets tough. That Masterwork variation of adding additional explosions is something I would grind to the ends of the world to get my hands on.

Dirge of Thunder

An automatic elemental shotgun that fires a cone of forked lightning at enemies in range. Enemies that are hit have a 33% chance to become electrocuted, but will not be primed. Electrocuted enemies hit by Dirge of Thunder will send out more arcs of electricity in addition to the base effect. Masterwork variants of this weapon cause a cluster of electrical explosions at a defeated enemy’s location, but the target must be electrocuted by the Dirge of Thunder for this effect to work.

This is another weapon that sounds like it should be an Ultimate, but I don’t think it would work as an Ultimate because half of the appeal is that it’s a Shotgun. I love that this Shotgun fires electricity, and I love the fact that it can cause an effect on enemies even more. The Masterwork variation of causing explosions on the corpse of effected defeated enemies is a nice touch, but I might just remove that because it could be too overpowered. In fact, without that Masterwork variation, I could see this being added to Anthem.

Static Drum

A 3 shot burst fire machine pistol with excellent accuracy and range with modest damage and fire rate. Has a smaller clip size than the other machine pistols, but makes up for it with almost no recoil and a speedy reload. Masterwork variants of this weapon causes your Javelin to regain 5% health and shields every 5 hits on an enemy. Effect is doubled if all hits are made to weak points.

This is another concept I could actually see being added to the game. It’s a lot weaker in terms of the effects it has compared to the others in this article, but I think that makes it more balanced overall. The Masterwork variations are definitely something that I could see being used to make optimal runs in events such as the Cataclysm, where your Javelin is under attack from the environment itself in many places.


A launcher that spawns a cluster of four smart grenades that follow whoever steps near them for a set period of time and seek out targets individually whenever the user takes damage. These grenades can be fired at an area and will float until an enemy enters their proximity range. If an ally enters their patrol area, the grenades will follow that ally and fulfill their aforementioned function. Multiple clusters of these smart grenades can be active at a time and you and your allies can have one cluster active on them each at a time.

This is effectively a second shield, just an extremely dangerous one. I like how the Grenades will seek out enemies if they enter an area, or get near you and your allies. Once again I think this could easily be added to the main game, it’s extremely well-balanced when you think about how powerful most of the enemies in Anthem can be.


A semi auto marksman’s rifle that deals up to +100% more damage to enemies depending on how closely you dodge or block their weapon fire. The damage is incrementally increased by an additional +50% if you have recently taken damage. This is not your typical marksman rifle because it rewards up close and personal playstyles. It’s still accurate at range, but if you want to risk it and get up in your enemy’s face, you can do so with this gun and be greatly rewarded for your trouble.

This is the Marksman’s Rifle for me. I tend to love shooting from range with a decent weapon, but when I’m up close and personal I don’t tend to swap out my weapon. I like that this weapon rewards me for my play style, though I’m not sure who else out there would find it useful. If you play like me and would find this useful, let me know in the comments.

Contagion Rifle

A sniper rifle that uses special acidic rounds that have special properties. This weapon deals the lowest base damage in its class, but shots landed on targets coat them with a special compound that marks them through terrain for you and allies to see. Damage that you and your allies deal to these affected enemies is increased by +50% and +10% respectively. The compound lasts until the enemy dies. On bosses, the effect only lasts for as long as you are able to apply it or if no damage is dealt with the Contagion Rifle for 5 seconds.

In other MMOs there are weapons that do something similar to Contagion Rifle, tracking enemies after you’ve hit them. However, the aded bonus of dealing extra damage is something that I really like. This weapon is pretty well balanced, like some of the others in this list, and I really can see it being used in the game if Bioware were up for taking on these concepts.


A heavy drilling tool that has been converted into a melee weapon. This weapon behaves like an autocannon requiring a few seconds to reach max rotational speed, but it can be used in close range and consumes no ammo. Enemies on the receiving end are shredded, the downside is this weapon exposes the user to enemy weapon’s fire so it is best used against singular enemies or in places where you have sufficient cover. This weapon can also be used defensively while the drill is spinning to deflect enemy fire away from you, therefore, reducing the damage you take by -40%. The drill can only spin for so long and requires a brief amount of time to cooldown. Another interesting bonus is this weapon increases chimeric alloys collected by +100% if it is used to harvest mineral veins.”

Yes, put it in the game. The bonus to Chimeric Alloy collecting is a really nice touch. Freelancers have been asking for a new melee weapon since day one, and while I don’t see this working on anything other than the Colossus, because you need that added armour and health for the charge up, I think it would really suit Anthem down to the ground.


A weapon that fires clusters of metal panels at an area, creating a wall of temporary cover for you and allies to stand behind. If fired at an enemy, the panels will deal damage for hitting the target and then stick to them for a set period of time. Whenever the affected target or targets deal ranged damage to you or an ally, a portion of that damage will be reflected back on them. The more panels attached to an enemy, the more damage reflection, up to 50% damage reflect. Panels attached to allies will give them temporary health equal to 40% of their max health depending the number of panels attached to them.

This feels like it should be a Launcher instead of a weapon, but I like it all the same. It almost feels like a Needler from Halo 2, except there’s no explosion at the end. The buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies are perfect. The only issue I can see with Sovereign is how to design it. Something like this would be chunky, so again I think it may be limited to the Colossus Javelin, maybe the Ranger, but certainly not Storm or Interceptor.


An assault rifle that gains a stacking bonus damage depending on the number of allies in your squad that are also equipped with assault rifles. Gains up to +150% additional base damage before inscriptions apply. While in a downed state, this assault rifle can be fired at nearby enemies, allowing you to continue to deal damage. For every enemy you kill, you reduce the time it takes for an ally to revive you by 20%. If you are able to reach 100%, you will revive with full shields and only 25% of your max health. Additionally, allies near you gain a reload speed bonus of +20%, but you do not.

Again, I think this weapon is perfectly balanced for use in game. Anthem feels like it should give you the ability to shoot while downed, but it’s a fine line that must be determined by how much damage this Assault Rifle deals. I think if a timer was added, one that’s longer than the usual respawn timer, in which you need to get the kills necessary to reduce revive time or self-revive, then Unity would be perfect. Imagine an entire team running with Unity!


An autocannon with full access to its ammo reserve. Has a good rate of fire, good accuracy and deals good damage, the downside is that you cannot immediately put the weapon away. You can only store it when you have released the trigger and the barrel has stopped spinning. Until both conditions have been met, the weapon will continue to fire and waste ammo. Also, this weapon regains less ammo per pickup by -25%. This penalty is removed so long as the weapon is stored. In addition, this weapon’s access to a huge volume of ammo comes at the sacrifice of -33% less critical damage.

The caveats on Ironmonger make it worth the risk of using it. I can see it being a weapon that the Colossus keeps in reserve and only uses for extremely tough encounters or bosses. This is the type of weapon that strategies are formed around, and it’s glorious.


A shotgun with a lengthy reload time and only one round per clip. However, this shotgun shoots shrapnel at blinding speed that can pierce through multiple targets in a line and has excellent range. The shrapnel has reduced effectiveness against very distant targets, but it is perfect against very large enemies or bosses by dealing bonus critical damage per piece of shrapnel.

This one might be a bit overpowered, but I think that the way Anthem’s enemies work might just end up making it balanced. There’s not a weapon in the game that gives you penetrating damage right now so it would be interesting to see one used in a team with some other Masterwork weapons.

Titanium Noose

A launcher that fires metallic bolas connected by a chain that deal damage and wrap around an enemy, reducing their movement speed and weighing them down. If an enemy is airborne when they are hit with this they will take additional damage depending on the current number of metal bolas attached to them. Up to 5 bolas can be attached to an enemy and additional ones will deal bonus critical damage upon impact. The downside is this weapon deals low damage on its initial shots. The upside is the ammo for this weapon is retrievable. This weapon is considered a torque weapon.

This weapon has enough downsides to make it balanced in the game. Being able to pick up the ammo once it’s used is a bonus, and the fact that it doesn’t necessarily deal lots of damage initially is good too. I could see this being used on every flying enemy in the game, because they’re super bloody annoying. Also, you’d feel like a bit of a pirate using it too I think.

Shot of Insanity

A silenced sniper rifle that fires bullets laced with a compound that causes enemies to attack one another in addition to you. The effect lasts longer depending on the level of the enemy. On regular enemies it will last for 15 seconds, on elite enemies it lasts for 12 seconds and on legendary enemies it lasts for 9 seconds. If more than one bullet is fired at an enemy afflicted with Insanity, the duration is increased for 3 seconds. However, those enemies cannot be affected again for ten seconds. These rounds will pierce enemies with active energy shields.

I think this Sniper Rifle would end up being used for its ability to pass through shields and deal damage to health directly more than anything. However, that added effect of making enemies also damage one another for a while would be just the gimmick it needs to make it part of a strategy.


A light machinegun that gains the ability to deal stacking elemental damage depending on the enemy killed with it and gains the ability to prime enemies if you are able to kill 5 enemies of the same element type with it. This first effect also applies to enemies afflicted by status effects caused by your allies. However, if you manage to kill an enemy of a different element type, you lose the element damage stacks, the ability to prime enemies, you deal -25% less damage and your reload speed is reduced by -30% for the next 10 seconds.

Once again this weapon would work wonders for strategic runs. I could see it being difficult for anyone who doesn’t care that much to track the number of same elemental kills they’ve made. If the base damage was high enough though it would be a nice surprise for the user when the effects do kick in. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Hubris’ effects might be too deep, and take too much concentration to activate, to end up being fun in the end.


An interesting assault rifle recovered from the Scars that was retrofitted to accept many different types of ammunition. Its stats are low across the board, but all the stats of this weapon increase over the course of a mission by +3% per enemy defeated. Effect is reset upon expedition’s end and caps at +300% of starting stats.

Homonculus is definitely a weapon I would run with all the time. By the end of a mission you’d be unstoppable, but the disadvantage you gain from the start is balanced enough to put most Freelancers off of using it. This one should be put into Anthem.

Steel Jaw

A bayoneted marksman’s rifle equipped with a match trigger. Excellent accuracy at medium and long range. If this weapon is equipped, your Javelin will perform a melee attack with the Steel Jaw’s bayonet and can charge towards enemies with it. Can even be used while airborne to collide with other flying enemies to deal damage. This melee attack does not detonate combos but allows you to perform a thrusting combo at close range.”

Steel Jaw is another weapon that’s adding mechanics, this time it’s thrusting combos. I like the idea that there would be a whole new range of weapons that could take advantage of thrusting combos, particularly if they’re airborne attacks. The weapon sounds as if it would be just good enough to make using it worth it, but then that gimmick of the melee attacks, combined with the possible advantage over other combos with thrusting combos, sounds like something worth exploring.

Tesla Rifle

An energy weapon which requires a brief charge time, but hits targets at all ranges with a blast of lightning that arcs to multiple targets, doing less damage with each jump. This weapon cannot electrocute enemies and will not detonate combos, but is great for hitting clustered enemies. If allies are in the vicinity, the lightning will jump between them and deals no damage to them, but uses them as an extension of the electrical arc.

This weapon sounds okay, but nowhere near as good as others. I like that the lightning here will jump between Javelins and not cause damage to fellow Freelancers, but other than that it’s probably one of the worst on the list. I think it would still make a good addition as a support weapon, maybe if the energy provided some sort of a buff.


A revolver style heavy pistol that deals excellent damage with a lot of force behind each shot, potentially causing the enemy to stagger. Has a small magazine and kicks a lot, but reloads quickly and fires as fast as you pull the trigger. Base damage is higher than other pistols in its class, but critical damage potential is lower.

I love a revolver, and that is something that Anthem is sorely lacking at the moment. I feel like Haymaker would enhance the game for those of us who enjoy using pistols, giving us a little something special, and maybe make us feel like cowboys for a bit. The balance between shots and precision is also something that would prevent the weapon from being the default pistol of most builds, making it something that only some Freelancers would gear towards.


A weapon styled after a long bow that requires charging in order to deal the most damage. Unlike other charging weapons, this gun will keep its charge at its current level, even if you switch weapons. This is a great weapon for switching to when you want to deal high bursts of damage. The Plasmacaster also boasts exceptional range, but doesn’t suffer from damage fall off, its only downside being it deals lower critical damage than the Devastator sniper rifle.

Wow! I mean first we had a Revolver, now we have a Bow? I’m sold just on that. I think the fact that it’ll hold charge while unequipped is quite meaningful, it makes it more of a weapon you can charge up in quiet moments and blast out when a boss appears. Personally I don’t see anything better than a Javelin with a bow.

Wheel Cannon

An autocannon that uses what many would consider is an obsolete design. This autocannon is equipped with a hand crank that directly controls the weapons rate of fire and possesses variable zoom allowing for you to control the firing speed and how zoomed in your view is while handling the weapon. Like other autocannons, this weapon has a small wind up before it begins firing. However, once it does start firing you can curb its wind up slightly to reduce its rate of fire, but increase its accuracy. It is also easier to reload than the other bulkier autocannons and can reliably land shots on a target provided its user has mastered the weapon’s hand crank utility.

This is the Autocannon for the steampunk Freelancers. Who doesn’t want a hand crank on their gun? Well I can see the benefits of it for allowing you to control the rate of fire, and I also see the downsides, which are just balanced enough to make it work in the game proper. I think if we had some steampunk cosmetics and some sort of arm mounted harpoon melee weapon, this would be awesome for an old diving suit build.

Chimeric Anchor

A harpoon gun with a high tension cable attached to the end of it. When fired at an enemy, the harpoon impales the enemy and deals incredibly high base damage with no chance of critical damage. Firing a second time at a target location or another enemy will prevent that enemy from moving too far from that location. This is a great weapon for providing damage and lockdown of dangerous singular enemies. It can even prevent certain enemy bosses from moving around for a brief few seconds. This is a torque gun.

Here’s the harpoon I was asking for with Wheel Cannon! My goodness what a combo we have with this pair. The fact that this harpoon will prevent enemies from moving too far from one location is great as for Freelancers who want to play the support role. I also enjoy the fact that the harpoon deals immense damage as standard. The only change I’d make is to have this as your melee weapon. I think to balance things out it would have to knock out also holding a secondary weapon, but having both this, a melee weapon, and another gun feels too big.


A gun that doesn’t use any ammo, but requires time to charge up and fire. Requires 5 seconds of charging, but when ready a special metallic sound will be made indicating it is ready to fire. The projectile launched is a spiked ball attached to a chain that travels at high speed toward a target location before doing high physical damage to a target enemy or splash damage in an area. After firing, the trigger must be held to retrieve the spiked ball with the chain. This weapon can even be used to detonate combos provided you are able to hit a target dead on. The Mourningstar is most effective in mid to close range combat and benefits from inscriptions on other weapons which boost physical damage. Ammo packs that you pick up will instantly charge the weapon for use. This fits into a new weapon class called torque guns: a launcher that uses retractable or retrievable ammo.

I’m loving this new category of weapons. I think this is more of a gimmick gun than anything, but I do enjoy the thought of Freelancers trying to get it to do the most damage. An entire team of Javelins fighting with these would really be something to watch. The fact that the ball needs to be retrieved is a nice touch, balancing, but again I feel like it should be a launcher or remove the secondary weapon slot just to really balance things out.


A weapon which harnesses a limited function of the Anthem to generate a magnetic field. This magnetic field blocks all projectile damage taken from the front, except for elemental attacks and directed energy whose damage amount exceeds what the Redactor can block. Upon releasing the magnetic field, all damage blocked is fired back in a cone towards all enemies within range. Afflicts enemies with elemental effects, but does not prime them. This weapon fits into the shotgun category.

Having this equipped would be deadly. I can think of so many situations where popping this and then switching to another gun to deal damage would have been awesome. Even if the effect lasts for seconds, the burst of damage it allows you do deal is totally worth it. I could see this being in the main game, fitting into the general category for weapons that aren’t super offensive, but massively strategic.


A weaponized Shaper relic created by Arcanists which fires projectiles that inject a parasitic skorpion embryo into enemies that have a chance to afflict the acid effect on enemies without priming them and deals damage overtime for 12 seconds. Multiple projectiles can be attached to a single enemy to refresh the acid effect. Upon death, the enemy explodes creating an acid nova with a chance to afflict nearby enemies with acid. If the enemy dies from the damage overtime effect, skorpion larvae will seek out the nearest enemy and latch onto it, afflicting it with acid immediately and continuing to deal damage for the remainder of the duration.

I want to see this weapon in action and chain it between as many enemies as possible. I think that this needs to be a Launcher, an ability, more than a weapon, because you’d see it deal damage as you mow down the rest of the pack of enemies. This one is extremely creative, though I’d love to see the embryo become an adult after five enemy chains and then go on a rampage against anything left alive, including the Javelin that fired it. Balance is key, and being killed by your own weapon is definitely balance.


A heavy weapon which fires singular projectiles at enemies that deal damage and afflict them with a random non-priming, elemental effect. If that enemy dies while affected by the element, an Elemental of the specific element will spawn at the target’s location and seek out a nearby enemy before exploding and dealing damage to nearby enemies. Note: These elementals can deal damage to you if you’re not careful. This weapon can be classified as a grenade launcher.

This is basically the balanced version of Parasytor I was talking about above. I would really love seeing both of these weapons in a team and just letting the Elementals and Skorpions battle it out.


An energy weapon that changes its damage type as long as the user is afflicted with a certain element. While affected by the element, the Prismator negates the harmful effects associated with the element by 75% and can override the damage immunities specific enemies have to certain elements. The downside to this weapon is it only negates the harmful effects while it is in the user’s hands before they are afflicted with the element. It also deals less damage than other weapons in its class, other than that it is a very accurate weapon at most ranges. The Prismator fits into light machine gun category.

This sounds like a good weapon to go into missions with lots of elemental enemies in with. Being able to play the game of having the advantage over enemies regardless of their elemental advantages is pretty sneaky. I’d almost go so far as to say this should be a Storm-specific weapon, because I don’t see any other Javelin class making the most of it.


An Anthem relic modified into a weapon by Arcanists. This beam weapon is capable of altering the molecular state of enemies by turning them into moving glass versions so long as this beam is hitting them. These glass enemies take +25% more damage from all sources in addition to the beam’s damage output and this effect stacks with the effects of acid and other abilities. Enemies who die while affected by the Brittalion will explode and send glass shrapnel flying out in all directions, damaging nearby enemies.

This is something seriously dangerous, and I like it! The whole idea that the weapon is a Relic that’s been modified is inspiring, because it also makes it deadly even to the user. The brittle effect from this weapon is interesting because it’s a Relic going crazy, but it’s being directed. I’m so intrigued to see this one in action, but I’m not sure I ever will.

Storm Beacon

A grenade launcher with integrated Shaper technology that fires non exploding projectiles that stick to the ground and enemies. After five seconds, a bolt of lightning will strike the affected area or enemy and cause electrical damage. This has a low chance to electrocute enemies, but a higher chance to detonate combos on an enemy.

Yes! This seems to happen to me every time I stand still during a storm in Anthem, so I’d really appreciate the ability to inflict that inconvenience on my enemies.


A grenade launcher that fires arcing projectiles. These projectiles, when they hit terrain or an enemy, send out a powerful shockwave in the area around the target, staggering enemies and dealing good area damage. This is an excellent weapon for messing up an enemy’s formation and interrupting their attacks and movement. Direct hits deal the most damage while area shockwaves deal much lower damage, but will guarantee a stagger.

Another support weapon, at least it sounds like one. I enjoy the idea of being able to create a mini earthquake around enemies, and I’m sure the direct damage would be glorious to see. I think this weapon is a little too underwhelming for my tastes, but then it could also work in the game because it isn’t too overpowered.


A rocket launcher that fires magnetic rockets towards its target, capable of homing in on nearby targets. This is an excellent weapon to use on hovering enemies or clustered targets. This weapon’s major downsides is only one projectile and a lengthy reload time.

Every damn flying enemy has dodged a hit and regained their shield at some point. That’s happened to all of us, I guarantee it. The ability to fire off a shot that will hit them no matter what is something I need in my life immediately.


A heavy weapon that fires streams of molten metal at enemies within range, having a very high chance to set them ablaze so long as the stream is hitting them. Enemies that are hit with the Galvanizor will slowly be rooted in place the longer they take damage, root does not affect bosses or large enemies. Affected enemies are afflicted with a unique effect called Galvanized, reducing all fire damage taken, but they become more vulnerable to electrical, acidic and ice damage. Effect lasts for 5 seconds or so long as the Galvanizor continues to deal damage. This does not prime the enemy.

Turning you enemies into a pile of metal for someone else to fry is what Anthem is all about, in my head anyway. This is the perfect weapon for inclusion in the game, it’s got everything you need for a team-based attack, but it doesn’t rely so much on others that it’s irrelevant on its own.


A lightning weapon with two stages. Stage one fires up to three cables to enemies within range and sticks to them. Stage two runs a constant stream of electricity through those enemies so long as you have ammunition, dealing electric damage. This weapon deals the most damage so long as all cables are embedded into the same enemy and deals less damage if spread between multiple enemies, but it burns through ammo quickly. The Conductor is a torque weapon.

This new subclass of weapon keeps getting better. I really like the idea of being able to tether myself to three enemies and shock them all. The added ammo consumption makes sense and is a nice balance to the power I think Conductor would give you. This is one for me.

Stream Cutter

A highly pressurized water cannon that is used to disable enemy attacks or can be aimed down sights to deal damage to targets at mid to close range. Also serves a support role of getting rid of status effects on allies just by spraying them with water. This is considered a heavy weapon. This weapon uses ammo packs to reload, but it can also be replenished by standing in water or being submerged.

I think the best thing about this weapon is that you could create a fireman Javelin at last. The reload from water is a nice touch because it gives credence to the engineers in Fort Tarsis, who would presumably outfit your Javelin with bits and bobs specifically for Stream Cutter if you tell them you’re heading out with it.

Fission Rifle

An energy weapon that requires the user to charge it up in order to fire projectiles. Projectiles are automatically stored whenever max charge is reached and up to 10 rounds can be stored. Rounds do not dissipate until used or when the mission ends. These projectiles slowly accelerate towards their target, dealing more damage the further they travel and will explode if they hit a target. This weapon is basically an energy sniper rifle. Ammo pickups will add free charged projectiles to your ammo reserve.

Seeing your doom slowly spiral towards you is always terrifying, and inflicting that terror on enemies in Anthem is something we all want to do. I do love thinking about someone firing these projectiles off against a group of enemies in the distance, only to see them wipe out huge swatches of enemies when they get close.

Rage Bringer

A laser cannon that uses a heat gauge to determine how much damage it is dealing. If it reaches max heat, it will deal +100% more damage for 3 seconds, but will overheat and become unusable for ten seconds, until you cool yourself off in water or when you pick up an ammo pack. If your Javelin is overheated, the Rage Bringer will absorb the heat from your Javelin and use it to increase its damage via the heat gauge faster, but overheating it will overheat your Javelin again. This is a heavy weapon. It also deals bonus damage to enemies that are on fire.

Another weapon that I could see adding to the idea that engineers specifically outfit my Javelin based on weapon choice is awesome! It’s a nice touch that your overheated Javelin can fuel higher damage for Rage Bringer as well. I think both this and Stream Cutter would make for an excellent fire fighter/fire engine build.

MIRV Launcher

A special grenade launcher that fires a single projectile and drops miniature grenades along the path to its target. These mini grenades do a fraction of the damage the main shell does to the target. This weapon is perfect for saturating crowded battlefields with explosives as a carpet bomb grenade launcher.

Outlaws always come in packs, but launching some of these at a far away enemy would devastate them.

Scorcher Machine Gun

A rifle which covers enemies and the ground in a thermitic substance which deals no damage to the target, but when it comes into contact with fire, electricity or blast damage, the thermite is set off and a large chain reaction occurs where all enemies hit take several instances of damage depending on how many thermite projectiles they were coated in. This weapon fits in the light machinegun class.

A priming weapon, interesting. There aren’t many priming weapons or abilities in Anthem, and if they exist they always have a secondary purpose that makes them useful without someone else to set off their effect. This is purely for laying down the ability to deal additional damage to your foes, and it’s super fun to think about using.


A shotgun-esque weapon that projects a wall of energy in front of your Javelin, reducing damage taken from the front by 35%. Damage absorbed charges this weapon’s energy cells. Can store up to 6 charges and the charges do not decay. Shots fired release a cone blast that deal high damage in close range with the damage falling off at mid-range. An excellent close range weapon/survival tool that is perfect for those who like to engage the enemy in close range. Allies can fire into your shield wall to speed up the charge time or fire through it from your side to benefit from the damage reduction. The energy wall takes a few seconds to activate when bringing it out because adsing is what is required to charge it up.

This is similar to another weapon in this list, but I think it’s built more for team work. The protection it offers, pls the way your team can speed it up, make it possible that this would be used in strategies for success in missions.

Plasma Tool

An energy weapon which steadily repairs the health of friendly Javelins at 10% a second. This tool can also be used on downed Javelins to repair and get them back on their feet from range. It also can be used to strip enemies of their shields in order to restore energy to this tool, otherwise it will drain shields from your Javelin in order to replenish its ammunition store. Ammo packs will restore energy as well, but are less effective than using this weapon’s alt fire. Also, this will deal no damage to enemy health or critical damage to weak spots. This is a support weapon.

A healing beam would be very nice to get a hold of in Anthem. I like the power it would give you to revive from afar, and I believe it’s just unique enough that it would work. The way it pulls from shields, your own or your enemy’s, is a genius decision that balances Plasma Tool to a T.


Another gimmick but I think it’s just balanced enough to work. Forcing you to shoot the same enemy over and over before reloading is a good tactic, making you look for enemies that the rest of the team won’t necessarily be looking at.

A lever action marksman’s rifle that deals stacking bonus damage for every shot that hit the same target. Each round must be loaded individually so it takes a little while to reload, but this weapon rewards consistency to hit the same target with increasing base and critical damage. Also, the damage stack ends when you reload the weapon.

Flare Pistol

A heavy pistol which fires flares at enemies, dealing constant damage to the target akin to burning them, but this will not prime the target. It has a very low chance to prime an enemy though. Multiple flares can stick to the same target to stack damage. This pistol can be armed with grenade like projectiles as well to give non-Colossus Javelins a grenade launcher alternative.

This is just what Anthem needs, a Grenade Launcher laternative for other Javelins. Right now the Interceptor is fast and deadly, but packs no punch. This is just the weapon to give it enough oomph to make it feel like you’re really inside a mech suit.

AA Cannon

A special autocannon that deals less damage and has lower RPM than the Mauler, but makes up for it with greater accuracy, range and deals increased damage to enemies that are either airborne or are standing on an elevated position. Only has a clip of 50 rounds, but reloads rather quickly. This is an excellent weapon for hitting enemies a great distance away.

A ranged Autocannon might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine. Adding range to that power is good, and the balance of how short the shooting time will be is just the right amount so that Freelancers won’t feel too god-like.

Microwave Laser

A focused energy laser that fires a constant beam of energy at a target. The longer the beam is focused on an enemy, the more damage it deals. This is an energy assault rifle that can deal a good chunk of damage if you can keep the laser on the target. It has a ton of recoil and terrible accuracy, making it a very unruly weapon in untrained hands.

Destiny 2 has similar weapons to this called Trace Rifles. The AOE increases the longer the beam is on the enemy, and it’s hard to do that with an increased recoil. The fact that this weapon exists in other games already makes it good enough to add in my opinion.

Sonic Blaster

An energy weapon that uses sound to deal reliable chip damage to the target. Projectiles can travel through multiple targets in a line and through light terrain. This is an assault rifle like weapon.

This weapon sounds mental. I think it defies the laws of sound, but then again it could have been created from Shaper technology, so reality doesn’t seem that important.


A micro missile launcher that behaves a lot like a machine gun. Fires dumbfire micro missiles in a straight line which hit enemies with a small blast radius. Damage dealt to shields will also deal damage to enemy health in equal amounts.

The damage to health and shields at the same time is something I love about this weapon. Really we all want a rocket machine gun, but we’re all too afraid to see what it would do. No longer, I think is what we’re saying with this one.

Cyst Launcher

A grenade launcher that fires a nonlethal ordnance that explodes when it hits a target or terrain. Enemies who get hit or step on parts of terrain affected by this weapon will be covered in a super adhesive glue which renders them unable to do anything for a short duration. This does not prime enemies for combos and any elemental damage will cut the effects of this weapon short. Max duration of root is five seconds.

Another support weapon, but what a support weapon! Being able to stick enemies in one place is golden for a number of Ultimates, namely the Colossus and the Ranger ones, but I’m sure all of them would benefit from this as well.

Thrust Blaster

A repurposed Colossus Javelin engine that has been turned into a shotgun. This shotgun uses the immense amount of thrust generated by it to push enemies away or shred them at point blank range. Enemies that have been pushed away take damage if they come into contact with terrain. Enemies at point blank range take an absurd amount of damage, but this weapon requires a short charge and automatically fires when reaching max charge. Javelins like the Ranger and Interceptor gain the ability to dash an additional time as long as this shotgun is equipped in the secondary slot.

Having additional dash time is awesome, and definitely fits with Thrust Blaster. I can’t get my head around using a thruster as a weapon, but I know it would work. I think having enemies blow to bits in front of you if they’re too close when this goes off would be the only change I’d make.

Broken Arrow

A shotgun that fires a tight spread of pellets that are accurate out to longer ranges. Deals slightly less damage than your average shotgun, but enemies hit will have their resistances against kinetic weapons reduced for 5 seconds by -50%.

This weapon is another primer for fellow Freelancers to follow with their weapons. Having big groups of enemies would be no problem as long as one of the Javelins in the team is running with this, and firing it at as many different enemies as possible.


A semi auto shotgun armed with slug ammunition that are larger than regular bullets and have a greater ability to land critical hits on an enemy. This shotgun has best in class magazine capacity, accuracy and range, but has lower base damage than other shotguns. Slugs are loaded via a clip.

This sounds like a slightly better option for those of us who like to fight up close. A Shotgun with a higher crit chance would benefit me greatly, since I always end up face to face with enemies. It’s nice to see a Shotgun being debuffed at range so that it can be even more effective when pretty much touching the enemy.

Those were all of the weapon concepts listed. I know there are loads of them but some are so fascinating that they can’t be ignored. I think that Bioware could take some of these and put them right in the game, the only issue is design. Sadly the user behind these concepts hasn’t done any concept art, and I think that’s a real shame. If you have the ability to draw weapons could I ask that you give it a go please?

Let me know which weapon concept is your favourite in the comments.

Image Source: Artstation

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