Howdy Freelancers! I’ve got a source who has told me about 33, not just 9, new weapons and items that are coming to Anthem as part of the Cataclysm update. I’ve got details on all of them, but only images for a few, so let’s dive in and check them out.

You’ve probably heard about the Forbes article that shows 9 new weapons with images. I’m here to tell you that there’s more than that on the way, and we’re going to cover it all here. It’ll be interesting to see if any of these resemble the weapons JunkoDefiant recently came up with.

9 Masterwork/Legendary Universal Guns

Lightning Rod

This weapon is type 1 of the Volt Caster category, calling down lightning in a specific location. Charging this weapon will allow you to launch a projectile, in a similar way to Sticky Grenades, and that projectile will call a lightning strike. This weapon can be used to detonate combos.


This is type 2 of the Volt Caster category. This weapon fires a lightning attack that jumps between enemies, but functions like a beam weapon that fires chain lightning.

Jarra’s Wrath

This is type 3 of the Volt Caster category. Jarra’s Wrath blasts a short arc of lightning at enemies. The arc primes enemies with the Electric status, but deals no damage.


This is type 1 of the Pulse Accelerator category. Gravedigger fires a stream of energy that becomes increasingly powerful. The weapon deals fire damage via a beam, and after 2 seconds will deal more damage incrementally.

Bad Omen

This is type 2 of the Pulse Accelerator category. Bad Omen charges up in order to fire a bust of energy as a projectile. Once charged, the weapon will fire 5 projectiles in a single burst.


This is type 3 of the Pulse Accelerator category. Rainmaker fires an energy burst which will explode on impact into smaller projectiles. This weapon is effectively an energy shotgun with a slightly increased range.


This is type 1 of the blade slinger category. Razorwing launches a heavy blade which will then bounce between enemies. As you can probably imagine, the weapon fires a blade that will bounce between enemies, causing damage to each one as it hits them.

Shard Storm

This is type 2 of the blade slinger category. Shard Storm launches experimental crystal projectiles across the area immediately in front of you. What this looks like is a slow moving AOE attack that will damage enemies over time while they are in that area.

Riza’s Ripper

This is type 3 of the blade slinger category. Riza’s Ripper fires a barbed blade at enemies that will deal damage to them over time. What this looks like is a blade projectile firing and sticking to enemies or a surface, dealing damage for a while after it hits.

8 Masterwork/Legendary Versions of Existing Support Gear

Colossus Support Gear

  • Berserker’s Cry: Battle Cry – Melee Ability is additionally increased
  • Surging Shield: Shield Pulse – While the effect is active shields are additionally regenerated, even through damage

Interceptor Support Gear

  • Slayer’s Furor: Target Beacon – Marking a target will also mark nearby enemies
  • Voice of Courage: Rally Cry – Revives downed allies who are nearby

Ranger Support Gear

  • Tarsis’ Last Stand: Muster Point – All damage is increased, not just weapon damage
  • Vanguard’s Rampart: Bulwark Point – provides ability 1 with a temporary charge (+200 charge)

Storm Support Gear

  • Howling Veil: Wind Wall – On expiration a combo explosion is detonated
  • Anthem’s Grace: Quickening Field – While in the field gear damage is additionally increased

8 Masterwork/Legendary Weapons

For these we have actual images of the new melee weapons, but they seem to be nothing more than upgraded versions of what we already have in Anthem. Bioware have already said that there aren’t different melee weapons coming with the Cataclysm, just improved ones like what we see here. Check out the images below.

New Storm Melee Weapons
New Ranger Melee Weapons
New Interceptor Melee Weapons
New Colossus Melee Weapons

8 Masterwork/Legendary Variants of Existing Abilities


New Focus Seal which primes with Fire and detonates with Ice

New Blast Seal which primes with AOE and detonates withLightning Strike

New Ranger Grenade

New Ranger Assault Launcher

New Interceptor Assault System

New Interceptor Strike System

New Colossus Ordnance Launcher which primes with Acid and detonates with Blast

New Colossus Heavy Assault Launcher

All of these weapons and more came from a big breakdown on Reddit from one freelancer who’s been playing the PTS a lot. A big thank you to xJVIayhem for that, please keep up the good analytical work.

Let me know what you think of these additions to the arsenal from the PTS so far. Do Bioware need to be taking more risks and introducing more variations on weapons and gear?

Images Source: Reddit

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