Howdy Freelancers! So yesterday, very late in the day for me in the UK, Jesse Anderson, Community Manager at Bioware, shared some update notes with us for the Cataclysm PTS. These notes aren’t hugely extensive, but thats a good thing because it means the Cataclysm is probably close to hitting the main game. Let’s dive in and see if there’s anything else to be gleaned from these notes, like I always do.

Firs things first, here is a link to the survey that Anderson has requested all PTS players fill out. this is going to help make the Cataclysm better, so please go and fill it out for the sake of your fellow Freelancers. Remember, strong alone, stronger together.

Bug Fixes and Changes

The tutorial for Echoes of Reality wasn’t appearing in the tutorial section of the Cortex. this has now been fixed, and you can find the Echoes of Reality tutorial there.

The score in the description for a Challenge has been out of alignment with the score Freelancers were actually receiving for them. This is a really old bug, something we say in the Cataclysm livestream, but it’s now been fixed.

The Crucible of Astrid, one of the arenas in the Cataclysm, has been experiencing issues with the beams that turn the fields on and off. This has now been fixed, and the arena should work perfectly well.

There’s been a persistent issue in the Cataclysm regarding the strategic objective, the indicator for it hasn’t been showing up. This is now fixed, and you should be able to physically see the strategic objective marker on the screen, even when in the Cataclysm and taking damage.

New Exotic weapons have been sat in your inventory when not using them, even if you didn’t want them. It’s now possible to salvage those Exotic Weapons for useful parts, so go ahead and get salvaging.

A smaller issue with these new Exotic weapons not appearing in your Vault is also now fixed, so you can definitely salvage them.

An issue with elemental damage displaying for new Exotic weapons in the Forge has been a real problem, particularly for all Volt Casters, Gravedigger, and shard Storm. that issue is now fixed though, and the elemental damage displays correctly.

A Freelancer’s final score has been calculated incorrectly for some time now because of an issue with crystal rewards. That’s now fixed though, and the score should tally up nicely to award you something Exotic.

Finally, an issue with Daily Challenges not rewarding Freelancers has been fixed. Have at it, and get those rewards!

Known Issues

There are a few known issues that Bioware are working on behind the scenes, but they wanted to let us know what they are.

Challenges for Specific Javelins

At the moment Javelin-specific Challenges don’t show a reward under them. However, this is going to be fixed soon, but even now you’ll earn a Warchest for completing them.

Rewards for Challenges

Right now Freelancers sometimes don’t know if they’ve received an item for completing a challenge. you can track this on the Expedition screen however, by checking the item level. Challenge rewards are either Masterwork, which is 66, or Legendary, which is 80.

Icons From the Seasonal Store

At the moment the Seasonal Store only has icons for many of the items you can purchase with crystals. Prior to buying the item, Freelancers need to hover over it in order to see what it is, otherwise you’re playing a risky game of lucky dip.

That’s everything from the most-recent PTS update. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’m very excited that these bugs and fixes are getting smaller, because we’re going to be getting our hands on this new content extremely soon!

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