Howdy Freelancers! You may or may not have noticed the new strange goings on in the world of Anthem. If you haven’t then buckle up because you’re in for a ride, and if you have, I hope my speculation goes some way to helping your writhing anticipation.

Update Released too Soon

On the 15th of July Andrew Johnson, EA Bioware Community Lead on Anthem, tweeted out a post saying that an update had gone live before the intended date, and as a result some of its effects would be felt before they were intended to be.

The Tweet was a response to a Freelancer who had seen a Challenge that looked like it was related to the upcoming Cataclysm. As far as that little story goes, this is as big as it got, until yesterday.

Strange Things in the Sky

Over on the Anthem Subreddit we’ve had a few images of strange stuff popping up, and honestly they’re throwing me. First we have the below image, a space station in the sky at night. I can’t remember looking up at night in Anthem, so I’m not sure if it’s always been there, but my instinct tells me it hasn’t. What do you guys think?

Space Station in the Sky

Next we have both videos and images of some mad black tentacles leaking down from the sky. These look brilliantly creepy, but I also think they reek of Cataclysm.

Video of Black Tentacles in the Sky
Image of black Tentacles in the Sky

With the lightning there, this definitely looks like a Shaper Storm, which I believe is a precursor to a Cataclysm. If this is the case, then could it be that Bioware is already getting the full game of Anthem ready for the new event?

The final little strange event I have is a Shaper Tool moving. Again, I’m not sure if it never moved at all, but both myself and this Freelancer found it odd so I thought it was worth including.

Shaper Tool Moving

Concluding Theory

So, we have a new strange object in the sky, and black tentacles leaking down from it. This could be a Shaper Relic in the sky that’s interacting with one on the planet, that will ultimately lead to a Cataclysm. We know that a faction of The Dominion is going to bring about this next Cataclysm, so maybe they’re either up there, or to the north, messing with one or both relics.

I think the fact that an update came out early is really telling. I think Bioware were saving this stuff for the week before they start the pre-Cataclysm events. The fact that we haven’t got a date for the Cataclysm yet, or even a livestream, tells me that this is indeed stuff to lead into the Cataclysm. It’s unfortunate that it’s released too early, but I think it will give a nice feeling of the world slowly changing and getting more and more unstable.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Sources: Reddit


  1. The space station looks cool but I’ve never noticed it before, I believe that’s just appeared. The black tentacles are also an awesome addition and they have been confirmed as intended by Andrew Johnson, the shaper relic at monument watch has always moved, I noticed it awhile ago now, if you hang around in the area long enough you can see it moving and if you fly close enough you get electrocuted and overheat! Still think its brilliant the way the devs are slowly adding stuff to the game to pave the way for the cataclysm, really can’t wait. Great article by the way, keep up the good work freelancer! #StrongerTogether

    • I mean I play it, and I always get a full team when I jump into missions. That’s odd if only a handful of people play it. Maybe we all somehow coordinate without ever speaking?

  2. Es excelente visualmente y sonido el juego ,hace poco lo empece y no puedo jugar a otro ,la verded que no me dejo llevar mucho por los comentarios.Soy de ARGENTINA y le voy a jugar lo que mas pueda

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