Howdy Freelancers! Every week I check out as many Javelins as I can, and bring them together in a glorious celebration of creativity in this article series. I take these Javelins from images I see on Twitter and Reddit, but also from your direct submissions.

If you want to have your Javelin shown in a Fashion Friday articles you can send it to me through the following: email me on, message me on Twitter @GuyAnthem or on Instagram @thatguywhoplaysanthem.

Shiny Interceptor

This Shiny Interceptor is from Reddit user Ice_. I really like the gold and white combination, and thanks to the effect is has on the way it looks I called this the shiny Interceptor. I think we’ve also got some different armour pieces going on with the arms and legs here, which is always nice to see.

This is a Sniper Interceptor, Codename DRAGONFLY, courtesy of Reddit user iceplanet2002. I love the effort that has been put into this Javelin, and it really does give off dragonfly vibes when you stare at the face long enough. Luckily we’ve also got the colour scheme here, so if you want to recreate this Javelin design for yourself you can go right ahead and do so.

Thor Inspired Storm

This Storm design, inspired by Thor, was created by Reddit user RedemptionXCII. you can see the modern take on Thor in there, it’s just a shame that you don’t have any way to stick an eyepatch on a Javelin. that would be something.

The Drunken Shepherd

You may or may not have seen the reason as to why this Javelin is called The Drunken Shepherd. Created by Reddit user skrtnchirp, this Javelin was the feature of a ‘don’t drink and Jav’ ad, which you can see here. I jave literally no idea how they managed that feat of madness, but it’s burned into my brain forever and I will now never forget it.


This Fossilized Javelin is brought to you by Reddit user HoodwinkHero. It really does have the feel that it’s been buried in the ground for a couple of million years, that or it’s super dusty.

Unit 02

This Storm design, called Unit 02, comes from Reddit user whoaholdupnow. It’s a fresh design that gives the entire Javelin a lighter feel. I think I would like it more without the cape, but I don’t think that’s an option. Maybe this would look like perfection on an Interceptor Javelin?


I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw a Javelin called Waspinator, but here we are. this design comes from Reddit user donjuandojah. I’ve never heard of Waspinator before but I’m now officially terrified of him/it. I mean, putting the effort in to create this is truly mind-boggling, but at the same time I’m just too impressed not to be in awe of it.

That’s it for this week! Thank you to everyone who designed a Javelin, you’re all amazing. Waspinator is maybe my least favourite, but also my favourite in a weird way. Let me know what you thought of thee Javelins in the comments. As always, please do submit your designs through the contact details at the top of the article, I’ll be adding them in over the weekend!

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