Howdy Freelancers! Over the weekend you probably noticed some new content in Anthem. This was caused by an update going live earlier than intended, but it gave us all a glimpse at what’s coming when the pre-Cataclysm content finally does release.

I wrote an article on something weird happening in Anthem. Unfortunately the article got labeled as ‘lame’, and the only comments were people saying how bad the game is, and that no one cares.

Here’s the facts though. That article blew up, and all kinds of people began jumping back into Anthem to take on the new content there. So this is me saying I was right, and now we’ll move on.

Strange Things in the Sky

As I already wrote about, there were some strange things appearing in the sky in Anthem towards the weekend. I won’t go into loads of detail here, read my previous article if you want that, but it amounted to new objects appearing in the sky, and crystals appearing in the world.


Now the exciting bit, these crystals. When Freelancers loaded up Anthem on Friday they found new challenges in the menus, with a new World Event associated with them. These Challenges had Freelancers completing the new World Event, destroying crystals, and killing crystallised enemies.

To top this off there were also anomalies around the world that were causing all sorts of hell. The electrical ones in particular caused your Javelin to instantly overheat, and crash.

Crystal World Events

I spent a good chunk of time over the weekend trying out these new World Events, destroying crystals, and generally checking out what was going on.

The new World Events were quite fun. They began with a few crystals scattered in an area, which you had to shoot. Once shot, there was a chance those crystals would erupt into larger ones. At this point an enemy faction, or creatures, would start to attack, either drawn to the crystals, or just going insane from their energy.

You had to defend yourself against these enemies whilst destroying the larger crystals, which had huge health pools. If you shot off the smaller crystals on these larger ones, then you’d weaken them, speeding up the process of destroying them.

I got some great loot from these events, with noticeably increased drop rates of rarer items compared to other World Events.


I didn’t get to experience the wonder of these anomalies, but we know what they do from the PTS. These are large balls of light with black swirls that form around them. If you fly into them you’re meant to be transported to a new game mode, a Horde Mode.

However, at least on Playstation 4, it wasn’t possible to do this. Still, I did see some images of Freelancers making it through on other platforms, so that’s cool.


It seems as though Bioware have now revoked the accidental updates. The World Events and crystals might disappear, or they might just sit there while nothing intensifies for now, who knows?

Ultimately this gave us a look at what pre-Cataclysm content will look like. I had fun, new Challenges to complete is always good, and there was plenty of new content to play through with all the variations on the World Event. I think with the new Horde Mode added in as well, this would be a generous update for a month or so.

If you look at other MMOs like Destiny 2 and The Division 2, they will launch this level of content at least once in a month, sometimes twice. I think Bioware is going in the right direction, especially when you consider that this content is going to change every week for 8 weeks.

Here’s the VOD of my livestream going through these new events, if you’re interested.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: VULLK


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