Howdy Freelancers! If you feel like there’s something missing from the end of mission screens then don’t worry, because you’re not the only one!

Over on the Anthem Subreddit, user MrFizzah posted their thoughts on what they think should be added to the end of mission screens in Anthem. They came up with this idea off the back of returning to Anthem with the pre-Cataclysm content accidentally going live in the main game.

Right now you get a lot of information about medals and scores at the end of whatever activity you’ve been taking part in when you finish it in Anthem. This is cool, in that it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot, but it’s very segmented, and doesn’t actually tell you much about how you compare to other Freelancers.

End of Mission Stats Page

What MrFizzah suggests is an end of mission stats page. This page would give you all the same details that you currently see upon finishing an activity in Anthem, but all in one place.

Furthermore, the page would also tell you about your performance within your team, or the other Freelancers who were also out and about on the server you’re on. Some of the stats you might see would be: enemies killed, deaths and respawns, percentage of damage dealt to the boss, and other such details from the mission.

What I think would be really cool is a set of stats that show how much damage you dealt with each weapon, as well as the other offensive armaments on yourJavelin such as Launchers, and even your Ultimate. Add into these stats how much damage your defences blocked, and you’d have a really great overview of your current Javelin build.

This sort of information is invaluable if you’re trying to min/max your Javelin, and while there’s loads of gear we can’t access yet because it’s in the Cataclysm pool, we will have it at some point. Being able to assess all of these details in an end of mission screen when you’ve just finished the Cataclsym could not only help you better your Javelin setup, but also improve your performance in the next Cataclysm run.

Compare With Friends

One final aspect of this screen that MrFizzah thought would be good is the ability to directly compare your performance with that of your friends who also play Anthem.

Now this could go really far, or it could just be a light feature in the screen, depending on how Bioware implemented it. In a lighter version of this feature, you’d be able to filter to your friends list in the end of mission screen, and see their stats for their latest completion of the same activity.

However, a deeper way of implementing this feature would be to store your best performance in the activity, and save that end screen stat page to your profile. Then, you and your friends can compare each other’s performance in each activity based on your best attempt, creating a leaderboard within groups of friends, and communities on a higher level.

Let me know if you think this stat screen at the end of missions is a good idea in the comments. Personally I’m sold.

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  1. It reminds me of when dps meters came out for world of warcraft, people being kicked from groups because “your dps is too low”. As the main tank, I banned dps meters from being shown in chat, it caused to much competition between raid members, if they wanted to use them fine, but keep it private.

  2. I completely agree, it would be fantastic to see how we have done in terms of precision shots, kills, damage dealt, Warframe has this at the end of every mission and it’s really useful.

  3. I think we all want to see stats… and more. Unfortunately this game was rushed by the publisher and many things including content were not part of the game. Anthem has great gameplay, but overall is just another repeat grinder and majoritively a bust.

  4. Show all the players progress with a personal board with items like hit ratio (%), kills (#) or even a progress bar for each “feat” (I think this is correct) to see how far off you were the next stage (sorry not playing very long).

    All of this would be good if I got past the expedition complete screen, always seems to hang there and doesn’t show progression, so I need to skip to review items picked up.

    Otherwise, really enjoying the game, a fan of The Division (1800+ hrs Div1 / 400+ Div2), so happy to grind, but something about Anthem scratches that itch more than Div2 at the moment.

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