Howdy Freelancers! In today’s article I wanted to cover some of the lore behind the only thing anyone can talk about when they think of Anthem, a Cataclysm.

Of course I’m not talking about the disastrous reception the game’s received, that would be harsh. What I’m talking about is the immense storm and changing in reality that seems to happen when a Cataclsym strikes, according to Anthem’s own lore. Let’s dive in.

What is a Cataclysm?

The following is taken from Cataclysms and Their Effects – 1st Edition.

A Cataclysm is a violent and unpredictable disturbance. They occur when a Shaper Instrument is overwhelmed by the Anthem of Creation, often appearing as huge storms.

The effects of Cataclysms are wildly different from each one to the next. One might create a number of brand new species around the world, while another could change the flow of streams to run backwards up mountains, or split the ground and create new continents.

The only thing you can count on with a Cataclysm, is that it will be unpredictable.

What are Shaper Instruments?

Shaper Instruments are the powerful tools that the Shapers, creators of the world, were using to create the world before they disappeared on the third day of doing so.

We know that the Shapers left in a hurry because their tools are still around, these Shaper Instruments. It’s clear that they left quickly, or something went terribly wrong, because those tools are still lying around today.

Shaper Instruments use the Anthem of Creation in order to build worlds. The fact that when the Anthem of Creation affects a Shaper Instrument it creates a Cataclysm could indicate that Cataclysms are a natural part of world building.

However, it could also be argued that Cataclysms are evidence that the Shapers were messing with a power they couldn’t handle, and shouldn’t have been toying with.

What is The Anthem of Creation?

The Anthem of Creation is a powerful force that lies within the world. It’s often referred to as The Anthem, and is capable of both great destruction, and creation.

Since The Anthem of Creation permeates all reality, Shapers were able to harness it through their tools for world building. Shaper tools tapped into the echoes of the power of The Anthem, creating radiant energy for world building.

Cataclysms are caused when The Anthem ‘bubbles over’ and its power affects Shaper Instruments. According to The Monitor no one actually knows if the Shapers created The Anthem, or if they were tapping into a pre-existing force. Clearly they couldn’t contain it though.

Arcanists aim to study The Anthem, while people like The Dominion try to weaponise it. While weaponising The Anthem was achieved to a point, it’s always a dangerous force to be messing with. This is evident in what has become of the world in the Cataclysm that’s going to hit the core game of Anthem in the next update.

That’s everything in the lore of Anthem about Cataclysms in and of themselves. They’re basically just big storms created when the power of creation seems to activate a world building engine. I think that’s a fairly succinct explanation, but you let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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