Howdy Freelancers! This week I was approached by a member of Sentinel Dawn, an Xbox gaming clan who play games and take pictures.

Initially a member approached me because they wanted to play anthem with me, but unfortunately I’m on Playstation 4, so that’s not happening. However, they then added that they are part of a clan who take pictures in games, and when I saw their work, I just had to dedicate a Fashion Friday article to them.

As always, if you want to get in touch with me to have your Javelin designs featured, contact me on the following: email me on, message me on Twitter @GuyAnthem or on Instagram @thatguywhoplaysanthem.

Red Storm Watches

I’m calling this image Red Storm Watches, because what else could I call it? The Storm design isn’t too obvious here, but it’s a really nice combination of reds and darker colours that make it stand out against that lighter background. I really like the inclusion of the anomaly in there as well, makes it feel like a Dominion soldier or something.

Honeybee and Friend

I’ve called this one Honeybee and Friend because the lines on the Colossus here really make me think of bees. I couldn’t decide on a cool name for the red Storm here either, but I don’t think that’s part of it to be honest. The true star of the image is definitely the Colossus, and it just looks like two people who hang out all the time are about to head out and kick ass!

Sentinels 4 Life

I’ve called this one Sentinels 4 Life. The blue and white combinations just screams Sentinels to me, and the faceplate on this Ranger at the front has a great design that also makes it feel like these guys are the authority here. You can see some other materials and colours that have gone into these designs on the legs and various features of each Javelin. I can tell loads of work went into the Colossus, while the Interceptor seems effortlessly cool. Together these Javelins look formidable, and I love it.

Unlikely Heroes

I call this one Unlikely Heroes. When I looked at the image I could just imagine this story of a day that goes completely wrong. Each Javelin goes out from Fort Tarsis by themselves, ignorant of one another. Then one encounters a huge Dominion force. Whilst fighting they bump into another Javelin from the image, they team up and defeat the Dominion. When the battle is over the look up to see another Javelin soaring overhead towards something in the distance, something dangerous. They follow this flying Javelin until it stops, which is when they stop and try to figure out what’s going on. From there I imagine three Titans in the distance, or something equally horrific, and all three Javelins pull out a weapon, and dive into the fight.

Cannon Fodder

I hope whoever made this Javelin doesn’t take this the wrong way, but I’ve named your Javelin Cannon Fodder because I imagine them as a grunt in a big army. In my head this is the design of the lowest soldiers in some huge force, one that just sends these guys at their enemies in waves to soften them up. I know that makes you sound expendable, but really it’s a great design!


I’ve called this one Brothers because the Javelins look like they were made by two people who are very close. In my mind I imagine these pilots as a pair similar to Iron Man and War Machine, cut from the same cloth so to speak. However, I also imagine that in this image they’ve just seen someone else who’s trying to mimic their design, and they are not pleased about it.

Arctic Specialist

When I saw this I instantly thought of some sort of Stormtrooper, but actually it looks more like a specialised Javelin for certain terrain. That’s why I’ve called this one Arctic Specialist. The blue and white help it blend in with the frozen wastes in Anthem, wherever they are, and they hunt Dominion soldiers in order to stop them from causing Cataclysms in the most dangerous area of the planet.

Saviour of us All

There are so many more images from Sentinel Dawn, but I’m going to finish with one that I call Saviour of us All. I can see this Javelin being someone who flies around taking down the worst enemies out there, the people so evil that you don’t ever want to hear about the things they’ve done. No one ever thanks them, because no one ever knows, and that’s just how they want it to be.

Please go and show your appreciation to Sentinel Dawn on Instagram. They take pictures of other games too, but their Anthem shots are incredible. As I said at the start, please get in touch if you want to see your Javelin designs featured, all the contact details are at the beginning of the article.

Let me know what you think of these designs in the comments.

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