Howdy Freelancers! You probably all got a notification recently that said the official Anthem Twitter account had posted for the first time in a long time. However, once you head over and see the post, you’ll be bitterly disappointed and wonder what on the hell is going on.

The Tweet was as follows. Check it out and read on for my thoughts.

Official Anthem Tweet

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this should be some kind of new Wrap we could purchase for our Javelins. Other than this post the official Anthem Twitter account has been sharing the regular updates to the PTS. So why now would it be posting a fashion article like this?

The answer lies over on the Fashion Freelancers Subreddit. This post here is a request from Andrew Johnson, EA Bioware Global Community Lead, to the Fashion Freelancers community for their Javelin designs.

The thing is that the request is 5 months old now, as in it must have been posted around the time Anthem launched. So why would Bioware only now be posting some of these images if they’ve been getting them for around 5 months?

The truth is that I have no idea why now, of all times, Bioware would make the decision to start publicly sharing things that aren’t updates to the community. The silence from them for the last few months has been deafening, and Freelancers have all found it incredibly frustrating.

Personally I think that the sharing of this image, a clear attempt at reaching out to the positive members of the community, is going to attract more negative members than anything. You can already see the first few comments on the Tweet are about what a shame it is that the game hasn’t bee update, or was abandonded.

We all know that Bioware is working as hard as possible to get new content into Anthem. I think that sharing this image was a mistake though, which presents an image of a Community Lead with little to do.

I want to point put that I think the Community Team at EA and Bioware are probably not left with their thumbs idle. I think they’ve got their work cut out for them sifting through feedback and condensing that for the programming team.

So to summarise. The official Anthem Twitter account shouldn’t have shared this. It’s not the time. But I think it shows an attempt to reach out to the community that we’ve not seen in a long time. Hopefully this is the start of a more communicative Bioware.

Image Source: Twitter

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