Howdy Freelancers! The Anthem PTS has now been closed, meaning that there’s now no longer a way for Freelancers to enjoy the Cataclysm. That’s okay though, because it could indicate that the Cataclysm is on its way to the main game.

The official report on the PTS closing came out of the EA forums. There was definitely a cheeky amount of time for Freelancers to enjoy one last ride through the Cataclysm, but everyone’s been kicked out by now. In addition to this, we’ve had some downtime for the Anthem game servers today, but don’t get your hopes up.

EA Bioware Community Manager Andrew Johnson himself has confirmed that today’s downtime is just server maintenance, and has nothing to do with an update to the game. With that said though, everyone’s expecting a couple of little changes here and there that will lay the groundwork for the Cataclysm when it hits.

When Will the Cataclysm Launch?

Now we come to the point that I just can’t be certain on, when is the Cataclysm going to hit the core game of Anthem? I really can’t say when, but I think soon is definitely accurate. There’s no reason to take the PTS down unless Bioware are done getting feedback on their current Cataclysm build, and they’re ready to deploy it to the rest of us. Of course there will still be room for improvement, but us console Freelancers need to have a chance to give some feedback on our experience as well, otherwise Anthem will become a game that’s solely optimised for PC players.

On the other hand, the PTS could be closing because of a deal between EA and Bioware. One situation I can imagine is that after the launch of Anthem, Bioware asked EA for some help with future content. In my head, EA’s answer was simple, use some of their server space to test a build of upcoming content with PC players, then release it for everyone else.

I don’t think that EA would have given up this server space forever though. They host games like Apex Legends and FIFA, and with a new release on the way they need everything they can get their hands on to cope with the player influx that’s bound to happen over the next few months.

So, in my mind, EA gave Bioware access to these test servers for the Cataclysm for a limited time. I believe that the deadline for when EA want those servers back is now up, and that’s why the PTS is closed. It could be that Bioware is ready to put the Cataclysm out, but honestly I think EA have probably put their foot down and told them to launch it already.

The Cataclysm has had some substantial test time with PC Freelancers, and I’ve no doubt that it’s all the better because of it. However, I really want to play it, so I’m taking the news that the PTS has closed as a good indicator that the event is coming to everyone in the main game soon.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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