Howdy Freelancers! EA held their quarterly earnings call over the last day or so, but they didn’t mention Anthem.

I’ve been considering the reasons that EA might have for leaving Anthem out of their quarterly earnings call, and I think it holds no bearing on the game whatsoever.

Nothing is Happening With Anthem

Firstly, we need to be honest here. There is nothing going on with Anthem right now. The only bit of news we’ve had is that the PTS shut down, and that doesn’t exactly affect the earnings of a publisher as large as EA. While I’m sure this isn’t the only reason Anthem was left out of the call, I think it’s a pretty big one. The last thing that shareholders and investors want to hear is that the game EA has sunk a tonne of money into is still seeing negative articles online pop up, and there’s no progress to speak of.

Anthem Doesn’t Generate Money

Anthem is designed not to push Freelancers to spend money on it. For this reason alone it’s not going to be much of a money maker, which is another thing that investors and shareholders don’t want to hear. The monetisation in games such as Destiny 2 has taken years to perfect, and it’s only with hindsight that it works as well as it does now. Anthem has a long way to go before it makes EA some recurring income.

People Only Want to Hear About the Cataclysm

EA know that every press outlet is going to be listening to their earnings call, and watching for news of the Cataclysm in any notes. They’re not stupid, and that’s another part of why they didn’t talk about Anthem. If they’d mentioned the game, it would have been to say that nothing is happening right now, but the Cataclysm should soon be out. We’ve already worked that out based on stuff just happening around it.

Earnings Calls are for Business

This is my final point. Anthem is a game, and EA is a business. If you look through the notes on the call and all the article surrounding it, the only games mentioned are ones that have yet to be released. That’s because those releases will affect future income for Q2 and Q3 2019, and for no other reason. Once again I have to reiterate that Anthem makes no money, so there’s really no point in EA talking about it.

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  1. Because if you don’t talk about a horrendous dumpster fire flop of a game, then it can’t be what I just explained it is, right?

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