Howdy Freelancers! In this Explore the Lore article we’re going to cover The Dominion forces the key antagonist faction in the base game of Anthem, and their leader for the duration of the game, The Monitor.

When the Cataclysm hits The Dominion are under the rule of Vara, and she’s actually gained control of The Paladins of Stral. However, in this article we’re covering The Dominion and The Monitor as they appear in the base game, pre-Cataclysm. We’ll do a new Explore the Lore article on the faction once the Cataclysm has released.

The Dominion

The Dominion are determined to rule humanity under their militaristic regime. They are located in a kingdom to the north of Fort Tarsis, which is why you can see the Cataclysm beginning over that way.

They believe that peace is achieved through force, and people should be kept on a short leash, lest they turn and bite your hand. Dehumanising their own people is nothing, as long as it’ll get them closer to their goal of dominating all humans.

The Dominion were formed when Helena Tarsis died, and the Legion of Dawn split into three factions. The Dominion were one of these factions, alongside the Freelancers and the Sentinels.

The Dominion are philosophically opposed to the Freelancers, and are their mortal enemies in the world of Anthem. They have never stopped being a threat to Fort Tarsis, a haven for Freelancers, and use Javelins like their enemies do in order to fight.

The Storm Javelin was originally a Dominion design, but it was stolen by the Freelancers eventually. I imagine that some truly gifted Arcanists managed to reverse engineer the Storm Javelins from wrecks found in the field.

The Dominion want to use the Anthem of Creation as a weapon. Their plan is to use Shaper Relics to control it, and therefore grant them control over the world. Freelancers are fighting The Dominion in their efforts here, because it puts the whole world at risk.

Battle of Freemark

Freemark was destroyed by The Dominion during the Battle of Freemark. It wasn’t destroyed by The Dominion intentionally, they tried to activate the Cenotaph and control it, and that destroyed the city.

After the battle The Dominion briefly disappeared. But as we all know, they have returned.

The Monitor

In addition to Doctor Harken, The Monitor is one of the few high ranking leaders of The Dominion that are known. He is a special agent leading the forces of The dominion in Bastion, and can uniquely function as a Freelancer, and a Cypher.

The Monitor claims to have witnessed the destruction of civilisations under the power of the Anthem of Creation. He desires to control it so that he can save humanity, in his own words.

The Monitor was inside during the Battle of Freemarke, when the Heart of Rage was ignited. No one knows how he survived, but it’s entirely possible that he shouldn’t have.

The Monitor’s story plays a big part of the core story in Anthem, so we won’t spoil it here. If you’ve finished the main game then you know exactly what happens to him.

That’s all the lore we’re covering here, but check back soon for more lore articles in this series. Let us know what you think of The Dominion and The Monitor in the comments.

Image Source: The Insatiable Gamer

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