Howdy Freelancers! The Cataclysm dropped in Anthem last week, in what feels like a controversial move, I’m really enjoying it.

Most press sites seemed to have their negative articles primed for the Cataclysm long before it was released. I’m not going to bother mentioning them here, but you all know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that say the Cataclysm wasn’t worth the wait, and that it spells doom for Anthem. But I think they’re all wrong.

I’m Loving the Cataclysm

When the Cataclysm launched I was in the middle of a field, quite literally in the centre of the UK. I had no wifi, very little power, and barely any signal. When I did get some, I saw that this amazing event had launched, and immediately regretted the week’s camping trip that I’d booked ages ago.

In a freak turn of events, a literal storm gripped the UK, and the camping trip was cancelled. I came home early and loaded up Anthem, and boy were my expectations high.

I can’t say that the Cataclysm lived up to my expectations, but it certainly was a lot more fun than the base game of Anthem has been for this interim period of waiting for it.

I really love the whole concept of what we’re doing in the Cataclysm. The timer makes everything you do feel important, even if you’re wasting your time looking around at dumb stuff. Being able to add to that timer makes your efforts feel like they mean something though, like you’re not wasting that time.

The Arenas make the whole event feel like a series of challenges. At first I was dreadful, and had no idea what to do. Once I’d played through a couple of times though, I was straight to the point, completing objectives before other Freelancers knew what was going on.

Vara is a very different boss. She’s got new mechanics that subvert your expectations of all boss fights, and it makes the encounter with her a lot more fun, and a lot more terrifying.

Finally, I have to say that the Cataclysm has given me the best glimpse into teamwork in the Anthem community, more than any other aspect of the game. I had players jumping at the chance to come and help me during my stream, which you can see below, and their help allowed me to help others later on.

If you haven’t got the point yet, I really love the Cataclysm. I’m not exactly sure how long it’s going to be around, since we didn’t officially get those 2 pre-Cataclysm weeks, or Bioware didn’t call them that anyway. My guess would be that we have 7 weeks left after this first one, so we need to make them count.

I’m going to be streaming daily over on Mixer, why don’t you pop over and watch me, or play with me? We’ll all enjoy the Cataclysm together. Let me know how you feel about the Cataclysm in the comments.

Image Source: EA

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