Howdy Freelancers! If you weren’t aware, then you are now. Week 2 of the Cataclysm begins today, and we’ve been given all the juicy details about what changes we can expect.

I’m going to dive in and explore all the information released for the Cataclysm week 2 update so far, because the tiny notes that EA has handed out aren’t that interesting without some flavour.

Cataclysm Week 1 Leaderboard

First things first, we’ve been promised an update on the Cataclysm week 1 leaderboard, which should come out today. This leaderboard will show which Freelancers managed to get the best score in the Cataclysm over the course of the week. Do you think you’ll be in there?

Echoes of Reality Changes

With the main Cataclysm mission option, we’re now going to have four events to complete, instead of the three we’ve grown used to over week 1. This fourth area is called Diana’s Landing, and it’s located in the Dominion Foothold District. The event has brand new mechanics and a much tougher enemy to face, Riftmaster.

The Dominion Foothold District is located to the west of the Cataclysm map. It’s the area that, up until now, has looked as though it should be a stronghold filled with enemies, but instead it’s just been an abandoned based of some kind.

Personally I can’t wait for another event. I’ve gotten used to running the original three, and I’m confident enough in my skills that I think I could easily get this fourth one in, and still kill Vara.

Inversions Changes

The Cataclysm Inversions are changing, as expected. These are the buffs to your Javelin for the duration of the mission, the ones that flash up at the beginning before you dive in and kill some Dominion.

The Inversions for week 2 of the Cataclysm will be as follows.

  • Lightning Rod: Any kills made at close range will chain lightning between enemies
  • Close Encounters: Your Shotguns and Machine Pistols deal increased damage

Seasonal Store Update

Each week the seasonal store will be updated, unlike the featured store which updates much more regularly. The items we’ll be able to purchase from the seasonal store for week 2 of the Cataclysm are as follows. Before you ask, I don’t know how much they’ll cost yet.

  • War Chest: Melee Weapon – Same as week 1
  • War Chest: Gear – This second War Chest will give Freelancers the chance to earn a random piece of Javelin gear. This gear will be Masterwork level, just like the Melee weapon from the above War Chest
  • Shard Torrent Armour Pack: Storm Javelin Armour Pack
  • Wrap: Fractured Twilight
  • Painted: Amethyst Gemstone Material
  • Graphic: Harmonic Crest
  • Graphic: Night Lattice
  • Decal: Emerald Wrap
  • Decal: Cobalt Wrap
  • Decal: Amber Wrap
  • Arrival: Kung Fu Bring It – Interceptor Javelin Arrival
  • Emote: Excited Come Here

Daily Cataclysm Challenges

The daily Cataclysm challenges are seeing an update for week 2 as well. In week 1 Freelancers were awarded a Masterwork Melee Weapon, but this week it’s all about Gear. Completing these repeatable challenges will earn Freelancers a Masterwork piece of Gear, and it’s possible to get one every day for the next week. The updated challenges are as follows.

  • Power of the Storm (Daily) – Get one piece of Storm Gear for completing three Cataclysm Arenas using a Storm Javelin
  • Heart of the Ranger (Daily) – Get one piece of Ranger Gear for completing three Cataclysm Arenas using a Ranger Javelin
  • Strength of the Colossus (Daily) – Get one piece of Colossus Gear for completing three Cataclysm Arenas using a colossus Javelin
  • Speed of the Interceptor (Daily) – Get one piece of Interceptor Gear for completing three Cataclysm Arenas using a Interceptor Javelin

These challenges are in addition to other Daily challenges that you might have, so keep an eye on the Path to Glory menu.

That’s it for details on the update for week 2 of the Cataclysm. Freelancers can expect to see the new content go live at 1pm BST, 2pm CEST, 8am EDT, 7am CDT, 5am PDT, and 9pm JST.

As always Freelancers, let me know what you think of this awesome new content in the comments.

Image Source: VULLK


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