Howdy Freelancers! With week 2 of the Cataclysm being out for a couple of days now, I thought it was time to give a helping hand to those who haven’t yet tried, or are stuck on, the fourth arena, Dianas Landing.

Where is Diana’s Landing?

The biggest obstacle to completing Diana’s Landing is finding it in the first place. It’s not that hard since it actually pops up on the map, which you can easily load up in a Cataclysm run. what you’re looking for is the arena to the top left of the map, it’s in an area that’s right on the coast, the Dominion Foothold District. this area was just a base that looked abandoned, but now it’s full of Dominion scum.

How to Complete Diana’s Landing

I would put Diana’s Landing as the second hardest activity within the Cataclysm right now, with Vara being the hardest.

Stage 1

In order to complete the first stage you simply have to kill Dominion enemies around the arena. I haven’t quite figured out how many you need to kill, but if you focus on the more powerful ones first, then you’ll get a decent load of large and small enemies spawning who won’t take too long to kill for the rest of the arena’s duration. I’d recommend focusing first on the turrets, then on the Valkyries, and then on everything else.

Stage 2

The next stage requires you to kill the Riftmaster, the boss of this arena. This is a mechanically challenging boss fight, so pay attention to your surroundings. The first thing that will happen is that the safe zone in the arena will close and become locked. This is going to last as long as Riftmaster is alive, so if you don’t kill it quickly, you and your team will die.

The Riftmaster can seem easy to kill, you just shoot it a lot, like you do with all enemies in Anthem. However, at some point it will put up a shield that not only protects it, but also damages Javelins with projectiles. Taking down the shield requires you to locate the red glowing areas on it, and shoot them. With enough hits the shield will drop, and you can attack Riftmaster once again, until it dies.

Stage 3

Right now it looks as if this stage is a little bugged, but ultimately when Riftmaster dies the closest Javelins to its corpse will get a key. There are two interfaces that must be activated in order to unlock the crystal and complete the arena. These are will be highlighted, but just to be sure you should know that they’re in the arena’s centre, opposite each other on high platforms. Once both interfaces have been activated, the crystal will be unlocked, and all you need to do then is shoot it to destroy it.


That’s it for exactly how you defeat this arena, but I’ve got a couple of tips for you based on my playthroughs of it so far.

First, you should always go for the big enemies first, as I already stated. But I’m reiterating this now because many first timers won’t go for those big enemies. If they get taken out early, go and revive the, but keep focusing on the turrets and Valkyries until they’ve been destroyed.

Second, if someone in your group isn’t shooting the anomaly every time it closes the safe zone, do it yourself. There’s nothing worse than suddenly realising that your Javelin is about to fall apart because the anomaly is closed, and no one shot it. Take the initiative, and it’ll show other Freelancers what’s important.

Third and final tip, once the Riftmaster appears you should ignore everything else. The boss has a big health pool, and you’re constantly being attacked by the environment due to the anomaly being closed while it’s alive. If you focus on killing it then you’ll get a better time bonus for speed anyway.

Let me know what you think of Diana’s Landing in the comments.

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  1. one comment on the Anomaly safe zone, it’s actually best not to shoot it until you absolutely need to. You earn 2x the score when it’s inactive. For Diana’s Landing, with so many kills, this is even more important.

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