Howdy Freelancers! This week we’re celebrating Javelins that have been customised with Cataclysm gear, specifically in terms of the armour, Wraps, or Decals. Let’s dive in and take a look at these Cataclysmic builds.

Keeping it Clean

This Javelin is called Keeping it Clean, from Reddit user Filidos. They’re using the armour set from today’s store reset, Aether, and boy does it look good. I can’t help but imagine some sort of imperial soldier from Star Wars, only much better and one that doesn’t miss when they shoot.

Vinyl Love

I’ve named this Javelin Vinyl Love because the Reddit user who posted it, Takhoor, said that they were in love with said Vinyl. What we’re actually talking abotu is a graphic called In Dark of Knight, but the Javelin is really included this week because its armour is one of the crystal armour packs from the Cataclysm. I can’t say that the graphic hurts the design though.

New Storm Look

This Javelin, New Storm Look, was posted by Reddit user UncleJmoney2287. It definitely looks like a Javelin design that was made for the Cataclysm. The crystals are poking out as if they’ve grown out of the suit itself, and the colours used make it look as though the Javelin is slowly succumbing to some sort of crystal sickness, being transformed by the Cataclysm.

The Brooding Storm
The Brooding Storm Colour Pallette

This Javelin, The Brooding Storm, was posted by Reddit user DragonSkinz. While the armour pack used definitely has a proper name, we all know it as the Batman armour. I’m annoyed at myself for not buying this, but there’s more to it than the armour pack. Apparently the Decal is the Defence Allegiance Decal, and the colour palette used has been kindly shared on Instagram. I’ll post a picture below the image above just to make sure you’ve got it though.

Crystal Myth

Posted by FreezyKnight, this is Crystal Myth. When I look at it all I can think of is Seith from Dark Souls, the dragon who betrayed all the other dragons because he lost his scales. This creature was all about crystals, and experimenting on living creatures. I hope this Javelin’s pilot isn’t the same.

Clean Colossus

Kronikgamer2020 didn’t give this image a name, but I think Clean colossus makes a lot of sense. Someone commented that this design is too clean, but I have to disagree with the sentiment. I think that its appeal comes from looking so clean. You could almost imagine the crystals being slits where you can see power surging. This design reminds me of The Expanse, the Netflix series, but only because of the blue stuff.

Reign Storm Cataclysmic Upgrade

Today we’re going to end with the Cataclysmic upgrade for Reign Storm from JonnoClyde. This Javelin sums up a lot of what you can find on the Anthem Subreddit right now, before and after pictures of Javelins with Cataclysm armour packs on. I think it’s so cool that Freelancers share these before and after images, because it highlights just how different things have become with the game’s first time-limited event.

That’s it for this week’s Fashion Friday. Let me know your favourite design in the comments. As always, you can submit your designs to me through the following: email me on, message me on Twitter @GuyAnthem or on Instagram @thatguywhoplaysanthem.

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