Howdy Freelancers! Over on Twitter Fernando Melo, Lead Producer on Dragon Age 4, has announced is departure from Bioware after 12 years with the company.

This news has absolutely nothing to do with Anthem though. While I love all things Bioware and will probably cover Dragon Age 4 on the site in the future, many press outlets are getting carried away with this news.

The Tweets

Here are Melo’s Tweets. Read on afterwards for more information.

So if we take all of this at face value, which we definitely should because there’s nothing preventing Melo from putting out a negative reason for leaving if there is one, then there’s nothing wrong at Bioware.

However, the simple fact that Melo is leaving after Ben Irving announced his departure this week as well has many people and press sites thinking that Bioware is in serious trouble. As an extension of this, they’re also insisting that this is the end of Anthem, even though Melo didn’t work on the game.

Worst Case Scenario

I’m going to jump on the doom and gloom for a minute to spell out what the worst case scenario could be.

With two people in senior positions announcing their departure from the company within a week of each other, both games must be hugely behind, and these people have no faith in them. EA must be stepping in and making everyone feel uncomfortable, requesting less loot in Anthem, no new content for it while we’re on it, and less of what everyone wants in Dragon Age 4, NPC romances.

Reality Check

With that out of the way, here’s what’s actually happening. People are just changing jobs. Ben Irving probably had plans to leave Bioware much earlier than he did, because he stepped away from Anthem very early on. The fact that he stepped back in when things got tough, probably delaying his own personal plans for his career, shows a dedication to the company that most people could never demonstrate.

Melo is leaving to try something new. This isn’t strange in the games industry, or in life. Yes, we all love Dragon Age and want Dragon Age 4 to be incredible, but one person leaving isn’t going to change it that much. This alteration to the staff won’t change the game from something we love into something we hate. It takes a lot more than one person to change a game so drastically, like an entire studio.

Moving Forward

As I said with Ben Irving’s news, I think we should all congratulate Fernando Melo in pursuing something he loves. Go over to Twitter and send him some love. Let’s all be a part of the community that will always look to the positive side of any news that comes out.

I also want to take this opportunity to reiterate that I’ll be covering other Bioware games on the site in the future. While the name of this site is 100 percent Anthem focused, there are too many great things from Bioware out there for me not to cover.

Let me know what you think of this news in the comments.

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