Howdy Freelancers! One of you over on the Anthem Subreddit has voiced a thought that I think we’ve all had at some point early on in our Anthem journey, “please increase the vault space.”

As far as feature requests go I don’t think this one is unreasonable, but I do think that it’s probably not a priority for Bioware right now with the Cataclysm going on.

Vault capacity is a serious issue in Anthem. I’ve got a Rare Ranger that I’m just working on upgrading slowly, as well as every other Javelin, but already my Vault space is maxed out. The small capacity of 250 items is nothing if you’re like me, and want to keep a couple of things in reserve for other Javelin builds.

Considering that we’re supposed to be able to have five builds of each Javelin, which is a total of twenty Javelin builds, 250 items in our Vault seems like too few. I would argue that this number really needs to have at least another fifty added to it, if not a couple of hundred.

The Freelancer to bring this issue up on the Subreddit most-recently is PWn40rCe-1. In their post they start out by stating the obvious, as I already have, that 250 spaces is too small. However, they have an interesting solution that Bioware might lean towards, though I suspect the community at large would hate it.


I’m talking about paid-for Vault capacity increases. The Reddit post points out how little the community would care for this, but it’s a basic cosmetic enhancement that wouldn’t hurt the way Freelancers play, because realistically the Vault will just be filled with bad weapons and support gear.

In terms of the method of payment for this Vault space increase, it’ll probably take the form of either an exuberant amount of Coin, the currency earned in-game, or Shards, which are a premium currency. I personally wouldn’t mind the fact that you can use real money to purchase a Vault space increase as long as there was an option to use Coin instead, I think it would be a nice change to see in the game.

Let me know what you think of this feature request in the comments.

Feature Request is an article series where I take a feature request from the Freelancer community, and bring it to the forefront of the website, in the hopes that Bioware will take note and make a change. Be sure to send me your requests on Don’t forget to check out the last feature request I highlighted, the Black Market.

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