Howdy Freelancers! In this article I’m responding to the Sausage Roll piece, which covers Anthem’s demise and how Australian retailers are selling it for AU$15.

What’s the Article About?

The Sausage Roll article starts off by covering the point that the title makes in just three lines. The image shows copies of Anthem going for AU$15, with an image next to them and the words, ‘you cannot kill that which is already dead’. The implication here is clearly that Anthem is dead, but as far as the opinions of Australian retailers go, those three lines are it.

The rest of Sausage Roll’s article is a retelling of why so many people consider Anthem to be a dead game. They go through the issues of development, as outlined in Kotaku’s expose, as well as some other bits and pieces about inexperienced developers being forced to work to an unreasonable standard by EA.

The article ends by claiming that Anthem is dead and gone, and that EA is treating it like it doesn’t exist at all.

My Response

The Core Point

Okay, so I want to address what should be the core point of the article. Australian retailers have obviously lost faith in Anthem, and I understand that given the news surrounding it. I can’t really offer a counterpoint here, because even UK retailers are selling the game cheap at the moment.

However, let’s remember that Anthem launched in February, as did Far Cry: New Dawn. I can currently buy Far Cry: New Dawn for £24.99, which is about £20 less than it was at launch. Anthem was £49.99 at launch, and I can buy it for £19.99 right now, a drop of £30. When you look at the comparison here, considering Far Cry: New Dawn is part of a well-established franchise with a huge fan base, I don’t think the price drop is that bad.

The Bulk

Moving on, we come to the bulk of the article, which covers everything wrong with Anthem at launch, and why. Again, there’s no defending this, it’s all been said before. However, I was expecting a little more information about the opinion of Australian retailers when I clicked on the article, so I don’t see why that subject takes up about five percent of it.

Anthem is Dead

Finally, I would like to address the broad sweeping statement that Anthem is a dead game. I have to argue that it’s far from dead. As I’ve always said, I don’t have a problem loading into a mission with a full squad. If there’s a gap at the beginning, which happens occasionally, it fills within five minutes.

My idea of a dead game is something that one or two people, literally, play. These games are usually MMOs, and are also generally pretty old. In most cases the servers are up but no one’s looking after them, and the fact that people can play at all is a miracle.

My Take

This article used a unique title to hook people in to read about the same old Anthem story. It’s not new or interesting, it’s just clickbait. If Sausage Roll do publish something that details how Australian retailers at large have been analysing Anthem’s performance, I’ll take it all back. I don’t think they will though.

I want to make it really clear that I have no hard feelings towards Sausage Roll. In fact I feel grateful to them for allowing me to create this article responding to them. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of their Anthem content in the future. Cheers guys!

What is In Response To?

In Response To is an article series in which I respond to various articles that have been written about Anthem. With the glaringly obvious failures surrounding the game’s launch, there are a lot of people who want to badmouth the game. I’m not defending the mistakes that were made, just because I enjoy Anthem, in these articles. What I’m trying to do is offer a counterpoint to the sometimes sweeping negativity others put out there.

As always, let me know your thoughts on this in the comments.

Image Source: Sausage Roll


  1. I have a friend who works in a retail store (name withheld) and as an avid gamer he places his own reviews against games on the shelf. So I would say this sales card was very subjective, and while may have reflected sales in that store, may not be indicative of total retail sales.
    As for saying the game is dead, how is that measured? If the servers were shut down or there was clear proof that the player base had all but disappeared then if agree, but I’m not seeing that.

    Stronger Together.

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