Howdy Freelancers! One of you in the community has done the rest of us a solid, and recorded your results from opening one heck of a lot of War Chests. Let’s take a look.

Over on the Anthem Subreddit user TurbulentSundae posted their results from opening 1,584 War Chests. I think their results could include more War Chest openings, as many as 2,922, because they said that they included their buddy’s results as well. Either way, it’s a lot of War Chests, but what’s the point?

What was the Point?

Originally TurbulentSundae wanted to record the likelihood of getting a Legendary from War Chests, and record all of the results for that. I believe what we have below is the summary of everything the pair of Freelancers did, which indicates that it’s far more likely that you’ll get a Masterwork item from War Chests.

TurbulentSundae went on to say that in the PTS the pair opened around 200 War Chests. They saw the same 10 percent drop rate for Legendary items there as they do in the full version of the Cataclysm. However, they were keen to point out that it can be a good stint of Masterworks between Legendaries. An example they gave was a run of 44 Masterwork items from chests in a row. They got all 9 Legendary weapons from a total of 180 War Chests. Then again, that’s not as bad as the 231 required to get the full gear set, or the 291 to get he support set.

That’s ridiculous.

Check out the weapon results below.

Unfortunately for those of us who love stats, TurbulentSundae said that they’re done with keeping records from opening War Chests now. However, they will continue to open them in order to get the best gear they can. In fact they were kind enough to show all the gear they’re currently running with in the following images.

Ranger Gear and Support
Storm Gear and Support
Colossus Gear and Support
Interceptor Gear and Support

My Take

I think a 10 percent drop rate for Legendaries, considering they’re the rarest items in the game, is pretty good. Personally I have none on my Javelins and I would love just one, but I have to bide my time. I love that TurbulentSundae took the time to put all of this together, and want to say thank your from all of your fellow Freelancers, because very few of us would bother.

Let me know what you think of this drop rate, and of all of TurbulentSundae’s hard work, in the comments.

Image Source: YouTube

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