Howdy Freelancers! It’s a day late but we’ve finally got some news on the Cataclysm week 5. In this article I’m going to explore it all and lay out exactly what we’re getting this week.

A Day Late

While BioWare hasn’t exactly confirmed why the update to the Cataclysm is a day late, I think it’s pretty obvious. BioWare is moving offices right now, and I think the Cataclysm update days weren’t planned in around the move. That’s all, I don’t see anything sinister about the change.

Echoes of Reality Changes

This week BioWare is removing no chests. That means we’ve got Weapons, Melee, and all previous chests in the Seasonal Store as well.

Sea of Takaro Event

This is the final event of the Cataclysm, located in the Dark Passage district. For this event you need to take three echoes to three echo consoles at the top of the water tunnel. This will disable the field emitter. Just like other events the light indicators are key, and paying attention to them will be paramount to success.

Inversions Changes

  • From the Skies – The build up of heat on your Javelin while hovering is decreased
  • Air Support – Gain increased damage on the ground for a short time when you kill an enemy while hovering. This can stack up to five times

Seasonal Store Update

  • War Chest: Ranger, Interceptor, Storm, and Colossus – These War Chests will cost 2 Major Crystals and 100 Minor Crystals, so slightly more than others, but on the flip side of that you are guaranteed to get a piece of gear, support, or melee for that Javelin
  • War Chest: Weapon – This is the same War Chest as last week. Check out my article on it if you missed it
  • War Chest: Gear – Also returning
  • War Chest: Melee – Also returning
  • War Chest: Support – Also returning
  • Fragmenter Armour Pack (Ranger)
  • Piercer Armour Pack (Interceptor)
  • Shatter Armour Pack (Colossus)
  • Shard Torrent Armour Pack (Storm)
  • Drummer Boy (Ranger Arrival Emote)
  • Kung Fu Bring It (Interceptor Arrival Emote)
  • Triple Axel (Storm Arrival Emote)
  • Entry Roar (Colossus Arrival Emote)
  • Wrap: Royal Fragment
  • Wrap: Fractured Twilight
  • Graphic: Radiant Burst
  • Graphic: Emerald Husk
  • Graphic: Harmonic Crest
  • Graphic: Night Lattice
  • Decal: Crystal’s Rage
  • Decal: Crystal’s Strength
  • Decal: Crystal’s Grace
  • Decal: Guard Sheen
  • Decal: Parry Sheen
  • Decal: Strike Sheen
  • Leather: Shark Skin
  • Painted: Shiny Acrylic

Daily Cataclysm Challenges

This week we get Javelin specific War Chests as rewards for the daily challenges. Those are as follows.

  • Power of the Storm (Daily) – Earn one Storm-specific reward for completing three Cataclysm arenas in the Storm Javelin
  • Heart of the Ranger (Daily) – Earn one Ranger-specific reward for completing three Cataclysm arenas in the Ranger Javelin
  • Strength of the Colossus (Daily) – Earn one Colossus-specific reward for completing three Cataclysm arenas in the Colossus Javelin
  • Speed of the Interceptor (Daily) – Earn one Interceptor-specific reward for completing three Cataclysm arenas in the Interceptor Javelin


The expected times for the update to roll out is as follows: NA 8am-11am, EDT, 7am-10am CDT, 5am-8am PDT. EU: 1pm-4pm BST, 2pm-5pm CEST. 9pm-12am JST.

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