Howdy Freelancers! Well its official, BioWare has granted the last Feature Request I published, and has increased the Vault capacity from 250 to 350!

Of course I don’t think that my article has much to do with BioWare making this change, it was just one more voice added to the hundreds of Freelancers all shouting the same thing. But still, this proves that BioWare is listening to us, it just takes them a little time to get around to implementing a fix, or increasing something in this case.

Why Increase Vault Space Now?

It’s not hard to figure out why the Vault increase has come alongside Update 1.40. With the Cataclysm we were given way more items much more often, and that clogged up our Vault space much faster than standard Anthem gameplay did. BioWare has increased the Vault capacity now because Act 2 is on the way, a brand new chapter of Anthem, and it’s going to add way more items for us to collect and create awesome Javelin builds with.

How do you Make the Most of the 350 Vault Capacity?

We’ve still got a week to go with the Cataclysm, and it’s probably going to be the most explosive week in Anthem’s history. I’d suggest that you take a good hard look at your Vault, and salvage anything that you don’t need. If you’ve got items that you’re holding onto just in case, get rid of them.

Next week will fill your Vault all on its own, and we don’t even know what with yet. The final week of the Cataclysm should see it close, but it will also see Freelancers facing the biggest challenge Anthem has to offer yet. Obviously that means the best rewards will be on offer too, so get rid of the items you don’t use.

Personally I have some items that are solely for use on Javelin builds that I barely play. I’m going to go through and delete those because they’re not worth holding onto. It’s much more worth it for me to get rid of these items I have in reserve and create space for the better ones next week.

Let me know what you think of the increased Vault capacity in the comments.

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