Howdy Freelancers! Today I wanted to cover something that not a lot of Freelancers know about, the big change to Emerald Abyss.

Yesterday when Update 1.40 went live in Anthem, it introduced a number of changes to the game. In addition to quality of life updates such as the increase in Vault space, the update also completely altered Emerald Abyss.

Where is Emerald Abyss?

Emerald Abyss is located at the edge of the map in Anthem, right where the Cataclysm takes place, but within the map of Freeplay itself. If you’re in the Cataclysm and look at the map it will show you slightly off the edge of this map, but right back on the edge, the point where you can get to in Freeplay, is where Emerald Abyss lies.

What’s Changed?

Well Emerald Abyss has been hit by a huge blast of energy, and now there’s a giant worm-like machine structure looming over it. You can actually see what happened in Emerald Abyss if you head there and examine the new beacon that’s been dropped. This will play a short cutscene that shows exactly what happened, but I won’t go into details just in case you want to avoid spoilers.

If you’re not bothered about spoilers, then watch the cutscene below.

What Does This Change Mean for Anthem?

Well personally, and I think a lot of you Freelancers also believe this, I think that this is a precursor to Act 2 of Anthem. If you think back to the live service roadmap for the game, BioWare told us that leading up to the Cataclysm was all Act 1. Act 2 was shown, but no details were given about what content would be in that Act, just the name.

I think it’s pretty clear that this huge structure has something to do with Act 2, but I also think it’s part of the arsenal of a different faction to the Dominion. We’ve been fighting a lot of enemies in Anthem, but the Dominion have always been at the centre. With Act 2 I think we’re going to see a focus on the Scars, who are all about scrappy technology and an almost tribal existence.

Leading on from this, I think BioWare is now at the point where they’re going to start introducing new content on a much more regular basis. Over the last few months the Cataclysm has been their focus, but they’ve also been changing everything else in order to try to please fans. Now though, I think we’ll be seeing the introduction of more content, and it’s all going to be about fighting the Scars in some new campaign.

Let me know what you think about this big change in Anthem in the comments.

Image Source: IGN


  1. I am excited to see some new content and fight new enemies hopefully we get a new stronghold at some point but I definitely want more of the story

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