Howdy Freelancers! Once again we find ourselves here on a Friday, so let’s celebrate some creativity within the Anthem community with a look at some custom Javelin designs. This week I wanted to look at the use of Grabbit Ears, because I hate Grabbits and really want to imagine all of these Freelancers killed them in order to mount those ears on their Javelins. As always, you can have your Javelins featured here in an article, just contact me through the following: email me on, message me on Twitter @GuyAnthem or on Instagram @thatguywhoplaysanthem.


This Javelin design comes from Reddit user EllenMethr. I’ve named it BumbleGrabbit because it definitely looks like some sort of unholy cross between a bee and a Grabbit. I love the use of the patterns here, and how they tie in with the Grabbit ears, some real thought has gone into this design.

Colossus Grabbit

I’ve named this guy, from Reddit user Super189, Colossus Grabbit. Honestly to me this looks like the Colossus incarnation of a Grabbit. If a Grabbit got hit by some energy from the Anthem of Creation, and was instantly turned into a Colossus Javelin, this is what it would look like.

Golden Monstrosity

This thing is called Golden Monstrosity, from Reddit user JonnoClyde. I don’t think there’s a better name for it really. JonnoClyde pointed out that they just got the Grabbit ears before this was posted, so it could be that they made the sickening combination of gold, neon green, and bright pink beforehand, and just added the Grabbit ears to complete the vomit-inducing look.

Galaxy Grabbit

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Galaxy Grabbit from Reddit user SimplyaPear. If you can’t tell, this Javelin design uses a certain Vinyl that made it into the Featured store a little while ago. We’re going to have to wait around for this Vinyl to drop back into the game, but for now witness how cool it looks, even with stupid Grabbit ears, and put all of your Coin towards it next time it’s available.

Cadbury Chocolate Javelin

I love the story behind this design more than the Javelin itself. Reddit user Takhoor said that they were watching TV and a Cadbury chocolate advert came on just as they were messing with their Javelin’s design. Behold the power of advertising in a mech-suit altering format, something that I don’t think anyone on Cadbury’s marketing team ever thought they’d achieve.

Kilt Grabbit

I’m not usually a fan of so many colours being blindly slathered together in one place, but for what I’ve named Kilt Grabbit here, it works. This design comes from Reddit user Takhoor once again, but I’ve got to say that their Cadbury design was way better. Maybe our lives are improved when we’re bombarded with advertising.

That’s all for Fashion Friday this week Freelancers! Be sure to get in touch if you’ve got a Grabbit ears design that should be included. Let me know what you think of these in the comments.


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