Howdy Freelancers! BioWare has given us an update on their current and future projects as part of their September update. Within their post they’ve talked about a lot of stuff, so let’s dive in and see where we’re at with all the various BioWare goodness we have on the go right now.


BioWare say that they’ve had a lot of fun working with the community in releasing new content drops for the Cataclysm every week. I think we can all agree that we’ve had fun playing those content drops too. I’ve particularly enjoyed this week’s secret addition to Emerald Abyss. BioWare go on to say that they are working to implement some of the bigger changes that the community is requesting, such as the Vault space they added recently, but these features will take time.

They end their paragraph on Anthem by saying that they believe in it, and that they can see it as a game that flourishes over years to come, with a thriving community. I don’t think we need more evidence than this to show that BioWare is not dropping Anthem anytime soon.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Currently the Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) team is working on the game’s upcoming expansion, Onslaught. Apparently this expansion covers several planets, as well as new areas, a return to Corellia, and even a new itemisation system. They add that even after 8 years, the team working on this game are as passionate as ever. I think I’ll add that the player base of BioWare fans are also as passionate as ever too.

Other Projects

BioWare then talk about how they have a lot of other projects in the works as well as the ones above, and even Dragon Age 4. Apparently the Dread Wolf does indeed rise. While most of these projects are super secret, but one thing they did reveal is that the Dragon Age 4 team, based in Edmonton, is working through pre-production right now. In addition, the Dragon Age 4 team is growing exponentially, despite the recent loss of Fernando Melo.

Moving House

If you didn’t already know, BioWare’s Edmonton office has recently moved after 15 years in the same location. The new office is located in the ICE District downtown, and is described as state of the art. With the help of EA, not the hindrance, BioWare has been able to fully furnish three floors for the teams working there, all of which are custom-built for the future of games development. This is a huge investment for BioWare, and to be honest the new office looks incredible, check out some of the pictures of it below.

New Jobs

That’s kind of everything from the update. Obviously there’s no actual news here about the games we know and love, but one thing that has been made very clear by BioWare is that they’re looking for new people to join them. They’ve got an active jobs page which I suggest you check out if you’re at all interested in working there.

Let me know what you think of this big update in the comments.

Images Source: Bioware


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