Howdy Freelancers! If you haven’t heard yet, a game called Greedfall launched tomorrow on the 10th of September, and it’s right up a BioWare fan’s street.

What is Greedfall?

Greedfall is a new RPG set in a completely new fantasy universe, developed by Spiders. In Greedfall we step into a fantasy world that’s just about reached the colonial era. As such, we take on a diplomat who’s being sent to a newly discovered island that ‘civilised’ people have decided to claim for their own. This island is called Teer Fradee.

Since the world known to most people in Greedfall is covered by an awful plague, because in the 17th century fantasy setting, and in real life 17th century, everyone is disgusting, the hope is that Teer Fradee is free from disease, and could offer a cure to the plague.

Unfortunately, the local population isn’t super happy about being colonised, and there’s a damningly familiar feel to what the colonists are doing to the natives, as well as the magical wildlife.

Why Will BioWare Fans Enjoy Greedfall?

While Greedfall isn’t a game within the BioWare sphere of games, as in developed by BioWare, it’s definitely a close friend of them. Outside of the inner sphere of BioWare games you have titles that borrow from them, and Greedfall sits here.

Greedfall is an epic RPG, and looks to have a similar feel to the Dragon Age series. If you’ve jumped on the BioWare bandwagon with Anthem then Greedfall might not be for you, but it does have deep RPG elements that could meet that need you have for stat building.

It’s also possible to romance companions in Greedfall, of which there are at least 5. The relationship system goes both ways though, and little things that you do could lead to a companion trying to murder you. I think BioWare fans will get a kick out of just how many different ways they can screw up a relationship in Greedfall.

Is Greedfall Dragon Age 4?

Greedfall is definitely not Dragon Age 4. It doesn’t have that deep fantasy setting that you’re craving from those games, and it also doesn’t have the lofty sci-fi appeal of the Mass Effect series. What it does have is character by the truckload, a world that’s screaming out to be explored, and multiple stores to tell across multiple playthroughs. I think that if you need a new single player BioWare epic, this is a good stopgap.

Let me know what you think of the game in the comments.

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